Author Katrin Haiba

Katrin Haiba

Katrin Haiba is an astrologer, shamanic healer, surfer and captain of the sailboat Lila. She sees life as an ever-expanding journey, with playful possibilities and creative connections at every turn. Following the sparks of cosmic curiosity has led her to learn meditation while crossing the Atlantic on a tiny sailboat and host a shamanic adventure-retreat in the mountains of Mexico. Her latest creation is the astro-blog – your guide to surfing the universe – where she writes fun and empowering monthly horoscopes and articles on the current cosmic weather. She offers personal astrology consultations, energy healing sessions (Access Consciousness Bars™, Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Dreamwork) and enjoys creating custom events, ceremonies, retreats and workshops. “I see astrology as the ART of living according to the cycles of nature. When we let the Cosmic Waves carry us, life starts to FLOW, we feel the tangible support of the whole wide Universe as we move in HARMONY with the dance of life. It’s deeply healing and empowering to realize we are “in synch” with the unfolding of the larger story. It’s also incredibly practical – knowing where to focus your time and energy to get the maximum results saves you from needless stress and useless running around:)