Author Elisa Gorman

Elisa Gorman

Rules have never applied to Elisa Gorman, she is known by those close to her as a free spirited, heart follower. At just 25 years old Elisa packed one suitcase, and left her hometown of Trenton, Canada! NYC is where she found her home. Elisa knew that her adult life would begin in NYC, with many new, brave experiences, challenges and stories to share. At 33 years old Elisa resides now in Stamford CT, where she has over come being deported back to Canada, and has settled into her life as a confident, unstoppable, global traveler and lover of life. Elisa cherishes her connections and prides herself on keeping and maintaining various personal and business relationships. She takes time to spread the word of various products, music, charities, people, and business that touch her heart. Elisa is working on her first book to advocate for those living and working in the USA illegally, taking from her own story she is using her own voice to give hope and spread light. You can read more on Elisa's work at: