Be Light Living is a collaborative project that launched in February 2015.

This website hopes to become a bridge that will help others connect with a community of individuals dedicated to a life of creativity, imagination and balance. We hope to unite on a journey of joy, laughter and healing.

Our vision is to share stories from healers and teachers of various spiritual practices and ancient traditions (i.e., dance, yoga, sound healing, shamanic ceremonies, energy healing, etc) that will help guide us on a path to reaching our fullest potential.

“To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.” – Osho



Dan Farella

Dan is practicing and teaching the ways of engaging the ecosystem through classes scheduled on his website. Dan also provides classes in foraging and herbalism, making homemade remedies from herbs, fermentation and kombucha classes, and primitive and survival skills. He also makes and sells herbal products, and gives nutrition and health consultations, mentors private students, and gives in-home custom group herbalism classes. To write to Dan with questions, email: Dan@returntonature.us2 Articles

Olga Sher

Olga is a passionate supporter of Earth rights and sustainable communities. She has been actively involved in promoting and raising awareness about these topics through Antinanco Earth Arts School www.antinanco.org2 Articles

Dr. Sky Blossoms

Dr. Sky Blossoms is a #1 Bestselling and Award-winning Author, and America's Leading Relationship Expert for Men With a background in the medical field and nearly two decades of studying psychology and human behavior, Dr. Sky helps Single Men who are established in their careers, to attract the the love of their life. Born with uncanny Intuitive talent, she helps you uncover and resolve hidden challenges that sabotage your relationships with women and dating, so that you can finally meet the woman you've always dreamed about. Dr. Sky is an international speaker and a frequent media guest. She has been featured on CBS Radio, Boston Business Journal, Fox News, Bloomberg Businessweek, and ABC among others. Learn more at: www.BestThingEver.com2 Articles

Keri Sender

Keri Sender-Receiver was a traditional talk therapist for survivors of trauma until she learned Access Consciouseness Bars™, a powerful energy-work technique that completely transformed her life. Now, she combines therapy techniques with energy healing to help others get unstuck and clear past emotional and energetic blocks in order to live a life of clarity, possibility and joy. She facilitates sessions via Skype & in person. You can schedule a Complimentary 30-minute "Get More of YOU" Consultation Call with Keri by clicking here: http://kerisender.com/book-a-session/ Find out more about Keri's work at her website: kerisender.com2 Articles

Mark Sklawer

Mark Sklawer is a multi-disciplinary artist and director. His work has been praised by Newsweek, The Village Voice, Time Out, and the Daily News. The Village Voice says Sklawer is the maker of "Ecstatic Extravaganza." Time Out says his work "will catapult you into a cosmic odyssey." And the New York Daily News says his creations are "the wave of the future." Mark Sklawer has been exploring the connection between popular culture, and mythology all of his creative life. He is a musician, producer, director, visual artist, and visionary. Growing up with rock and electronic music, mythic and popular culture led Mark to pursue studying and working as a professional photographer, musician, as well as in the performing arts. He has also trained in disciplines such as meditation, shamanism, body/mind practices, martial arts, and ecstatic drum and dance rituals. This has led Mark to create for over ten years, ritual theatrical dance events,culminating in the vision of Body Temple. Check out more of Mark's work on his website marksklawer.com1 Articles

Luba Saraswati Evans-Zion

Luba Sarawswati Evans-Zion is an evolutionary and internationally known lecturer on spiritual, personal and holistic health issues, founder of Galiana Meditation Retreat and Divine Feminine Arts Certificate Program including personal growth, liberation, return of divine feminine, sacred union of feminine and masculine, connection to the source and the idea of living the life as a spiritual practice, a life of service.1 Articles

Vandana Atara Aura

Vandana is the co-creator of Accelerated Light Healing, A Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Channel Of Divine Light, & Sacred Sound Journeys Recording Artist. She transmits Living Liquid Light Infusions, Inter-dimensional Healing Attunements, and Divine Love Empowerments. Her conscious intention is to raise your vibration and to accelerate rapid transformation on a personal and planetary level. She offers private and group channeled messages, classes, and healing activations. Join her weekly healing classes via phone/Skype/webcast or join her live workshops. She is available for private sessions in or near NYC by appointment. To schedule an appointment or consultation, you can email her at vandana@acceleratedlighthealing.com Receive a complimentary self-love healing video activation at: http://vandanalighthealing.com or http://acceleratedlighthealing.com1 Articles

Katrin Haiba

Katrin Haiba is an astrologer, shamanic healer, surfer and captain of the sailboat Lila. She sees life as an ever-expanding journey, with playful possibilities and creative connections at every turn. Following the sparks of cosmic curiosity has led her to learn meditation while crossing the Atlantic on a tiny sailboat and host a shamanic adventure-retreat in the mountains of Mexico. Her latest creation is the astro-blog cosmicwaveastrology.com – your guide to surfing the universe – where she writes fun and empowering monthly horoscopes and articles on the current cosmic weather. She offers personal astrology consultations, energy healing sessions (Access Consciousness Bars™, Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Dreamwork) and enjoys creating custom events, ceremonies, retreats and workshops. “I see astrology as the ART of living according to the cycles of nature. When we let the Cosmic Waves carry us, life starts to FLOW, we feel the tangible support of the whole wide Universe as we move in HARMONY with the dance of life. It’s deeply healing and empowering to realize we are “in synch” with the unfolding of the larger story. It’s also incredibly practical – knowing where to focus your time and energy to get the maximum results saves you from needless stress and useless running around:)1 Articles

Ray Sprong

Ray is an ex-seminary student, ex-military, and ex-telecommunications corporate executive turned conscious entrepreneur. He currently runs a software security company, a dog kennel/rescue, and is the CEO of Made As Intended. Ray is best described as a tough guy with heart. From his evening ritual of a cigar and scotch to his Chevy truck, and Harley roadster, you would never suspect that his first love is waking up the human race. Ray, his wife and their four teenagers are actively engaged in finding the truths beneath society myths; Asking more questions rather that preaching more answers. Made As Intended has the mission of creating products to bring spiritual awareness into daily life, akin to wearing a reminder to practice mindfulness, consciousness, and in turn find kindness, love, and compassion for all beings. http://www.madeasintended.com/1 Articles

Asya Vigdorovich

Asya is naturally gifted energy worker. She is accredited Practitioner of Phases I-II EMF Balancing Technique. Check out more on this technique at www.emfbalancingtechnique.com. You can also find out more about Asya's work at www.kusudamalab.com1 Articles