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Although I breathe and talk about inspiration to my audience, let me share with you that my life story wasn’t always full of inspiration.  To the contrary, I had a challenging childhood.

I’m a survivor of child sexual and despite such experience in my life among other challenges, I made sure that it never stopped me from reaching my dreams.

One of the things that was installed into me since I was a child was the power of inspiration.  Inspiration got me through the hard times.

On a daily basis, I take a dose or two of inspiration.  You may ask yourself, how can I be inspired when I have bad day or nothing is working out?   

Well if I tell you tomorrow that all the food markets will be closed for the entire day, most likely you will purchase some food items to make sure you have some food to eat.  We can always have items of inspirations for those challenging days in the cabinet of our minds.  

Create a list of things for different situations that have helped you come out of your darkest times.  I’m not saying for you to always be happy but rather, be joyful of the things that bring a little sparkle in your life.

So how can we use inspiration in our daily lives?  Here is a list of things that you can do to create a positive energy vibration:

1.  Surround yourself with people that are already successful in the things you want to accomplish.

That can be a career goal, a spiritual goal, etc.  If you want peace in your life, think of someone or people in your network that carries themselves with gentleness and peace?  There is so much to learn from them.  

When I seek for peace, I seek refuge in a Buddhist monastery that has become like a second home to me.

You can go to meetups to meet people trying to improve their lives and create a group of friends that inspires you.

Personally, I seek every opportunity to be surrounded by people that have made a difference in the field I’m walking as a spiritual mentor and entrepreneur.

2. Decorate your home with things that helps you smile and be in peace.

Your home is your temple.  If you don’t have one yet, create a sacred space or  altar.  This sacred space/altar can represent anything that reminds you to always be grounded despite life’s weather.

In my home, I have created an altar in the middle of a bookshelf.  I have the Buddha along with the Virgin of Guadalupe, Ganesh and a mindful quote that says “smile.”  I also have a cushion below it when I want to meditate.

Doesn’t matter how small your place is.  Use your imagination to make it happen.  I know people that have a tiny studio and they manage it.

3. Plan how you want to feel just when your day is about to begin.  

Close your eyes and visualize everything working out according to you.  

This is called the law of attraction.  If you haven’t watch it yet, I highly recommend for you to watch “The Secret.”  The Secret will help you understand what is the law of attraction.  


4. Post affirmations in your home, at work, car, cell phone, etc.  

Affirmations can be very powerful.  Affirmations can remind you that you are loved, that everything is transitory, the universe has your back, etc.  Repeat at least 15 times affirmations that can help you practice empowering thoughts.  

I highly suggest metta meditation because it is a guided meditation but at the same time it helps you establish a mindset of compassion for yourself and others. 

5. Create a vision board and hang it on your wall or make one on your cell phone.

Vision boards are a great tool to help you practice the law of attraction.   A VB is a board gives you the opportunity to place all the things that you want to manifest on a board.  A VB can help you keep you determined and focus.  

Tip: Hay House has a great VB app for iphone vision boards

6. Watch inspirational movies, especially those based on true stories.  

Here are my fav:

7. Take a time to become re-energized and inspired by attending spiritual retreats/workshops/groups.  

Nourishing one’s spiritual life is necessary just like drinking water.  Retreats don’t have to take place in another country.  Here is a link to yoga and Buddhist temples in New York that welcomes everyone.

I hope that just as you put effort in making your delicious meals, you also nourish your soul and mind and live in an inspired state of mind.

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Freedom Rivera is The Mindful Love Coach who helps millennial women overcome self doubt and master self love so they can build the best relationship foremost with themselves and rock in their relationship with their significant other. She teaches them to uncover their inner power and attain healthy relationships through mindfulness among other techniques. ​ Despite a challenging childhood, her core belief is that everyone is capable to make their dreams into reality through self compassion. Freedom is also a licensed psychotherapist and holds a masters degree in counseling for mental health and wellness from New York University. She also has a background as a yoga instructor and practices mindfulness teachings. When she’s not working, you can find her spending time at the beach, watching the tv show Jane The Virgin or making papaya smoothies. Create self harmony and become the best partner you wish in your life by listening to her free audio meditation at: freedomrivera.com.

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