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The transition from 2016 to 2017 for me has been completely epic. 2016 brought many disappointments, with the finale being the election. From there, however,the disappointment grew into the greatest desire, for myself and for humanity, to transcend the current situation and rise into its true nature.

It was time for a quantum leap. I wanted an upgrade on every level.

After a rigorous week at my Advanced Training at BBSH, I came home and went to a sweat lodge. A loud inner call beckoned me to stand by the fire. I began to pray and I saw the ancestors around the fire, praying together. It was potent, their spirits were ignited by the energy of the fire and the prayers from inside the lodge. I went into a trance with the ancestors as we amplified the energy of the ceremony.  We prayed for Standing Rock, for the police, we prayed for all people for earth, for those inside the lodge and so much more I can’t remember.

And then one of the ancestors looked right at me and said to me,  “It’s your turn,” and we began to pray together. Over the next few hours, the ancestors relentlessly took me through a deep excavation of my unconscious. We focused on the energy of enslavement and liberation in all areas of my current life, and in many other lifetimes. I was shown how this energy of enslavement runs rampant in the psyche of humanity, and it was time for that to change.

The energy from the fire was so strong, it was burning through me, I almost collapsed, but I kept standing. When I got home, I didn’t feel done,  I had to keep praying, so I lit a candle and kept it up. The trance continued until a hidden inner conflict unearthed itself and stopped me in my tracks.

The inner conflict was that I either felt like I was a bad person if I made money and participated in the corrupt system, or I felt like a cast out, powerless, poor victim, unable to rise from my own ashes, needing the leadership to change before I would cooperate and step into full wealth. Somehow that meant I was a good person. This left me somewhere in the middle, not committed to any real path of abundance, and here in this mediocrity was the energy of enslavement.

I realized I had been stuck in this double bind since 2008, when I lost everything financially and the system kicked me when I was down, I felt cast out of my position and status in life. I was very, very angry and disappointed and didn’t know how to move forward financially. So an entirely new life opened to me based on nature and the feminine and I went for it. The Divine Feminine began call very loudly to all of us, and we uncovered all the secrets of the ‘elite,’ which only reinforced the double bind. It’s been a magnificent journey, but as I was closing out the 9 year cycle in 2016, it was time for this old inner conflict to end, time to integrate and see what was next.

I sat in front of my little candle for a while, feeling stuck, but I trusted. Then I asked for the solution to be given to me. I waited. I listened. I breathed. Finally my whole system shifted, the ancestors spoke loudly to me and the words they said were,

You are a Divine Sovereign Being.

I laughed because it was so easy. I got it. I got it completely. The energy of “I am a Divine Sovereign Being” found its way into every cell of my body. I saw, felt and understood in a moment that I AM part of a much larger system of creation, and my God self grew bigger than the corruption, bigger than any human system, even the earth system. I was no longer playing “their game,” I WAS the game.

I was free, and I was huge.

Now, it’s not like I didn’t know this. But we know there is a difference between intellectually knowing something and then it actually becoming your physical experience. And that is what happened that day.

I felt completely liberated from the sense of slavery and obligation I felt before.


• We not dependent on the corrupt system, or any system of government.

• The weight of the world does not rest on our shoulders.

• Our own energy dances inside of us as pure pleasure.

• We easily make the best choices for ourselves.

• Our creative passion is the most important service to the world, and everything lines up, by design, to support this gift as we fully own it.

• Money is a joyful tool and is there to serve our highest good and the highest good of all, so let’s get rich.

• There is no shortage of anything and therefore no need to exploit resources.

• We accept the rules of the earth plane as limitations to stimulate our creativity, but our personhood is not governed by these rules.

• We no longer suffer.

• Our compassion is bigger than our fear.

• Our full excitement for our passions reveal itself easily, and drives everything.

• We consciously choose sovereignty.

While the human journey is one of constant evolution of the human heart, ups and downs, difficult emotions, curveballs and plot twists, it is also a journey out of enslavement into liberation. The fastest and easiest way for this planet to evolve is if each person awakens into their divine sovereignty. This does not mean trying to be perfect, but this awareness is a guiding light on the journey.

After this ceremony, an onslaught of new romantic, creative and lucrative opportunities came to my door, everything shifted in alignment with my Divine Sovereign Being. This was my life purpose on fire.

Naturally,  an entirely new course downloaded in almost an instant. I got my quantum leap, are you ready for yours?

Because naturally,  an entirely new course downloaded in an instant. Take a look at  Soulful Self Sovereignty. It begins January 23rd.

From the deep Mystery,


Art by Cameron Gray

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