The Return of Feminine Activism


“The repression of the feminine has led to a planet on the edge of collapse. The re-emergence is going be a dance to behold” – Clare Dakin

On January 21, 2017, the world has seen the biggest peaceful protest of 3 million people on international scale, the Women’s March. I had the honor to be incarnated on the planet earth at this time to witness and participate in it in New York City. Wearing a pussy hat and butterfly pink wings, I merged with a crowd of 500,000 people of all ages to step into what many prophecies have been calling the era of the Sixth Sun.

Dina Divine at Women’s March NYC by Trump Tower

After the elections in November, CC Treadway wrote a powerful article Reemergence of The Dark Mother and Feminine Power. The energy of the Dark Mother, Kali, has been stewing in our collective to come together and take action:

The Magdalene came to give me hope, she came to remind me that I am not in control of any of it and it is ok. She came to show me there was order in the chaos. She smiled in her absolute power as the Dark Mother coursed through her, afraid of nothing. The Christ energy was next to her, and said to me, “ I do not exist without her.”

The Dark Mother does not come through one lineage, she lives inside the Great Void, she is the primordial womb, she births, she destroys, she is in charge. She screams, another person shows up at Standing Rock. She screams, another person donates for our Mother Earth. She screams, the 7 fires at the heart of Standing Rock are stoked.

Echoing CC’s channeling, I followed with a piece: The Mayan Wisdom from 2012 to 2016, eluding to what is unraveling in accelerated ways before our eyes:

The Women’s March was a beautiful example of how the Kali energy can gain momentum and gather women and anyone with open heart across religions, around the world, to unite in common mission to restore humanity and Mother Earth. The Divine Feminine Awakening is engaging now in political activism through its fusion of spirituality and social justice. This sacred Feminine Activism is following Ghandi’s call for nonviolent change.  

If we go all the way back to older civilizations such as in Ancient Egypt, one of the golden eras was during the rule of Queen Nefertiti and King Akenhaten. Nefertiti was as influential as she was beautiful, a partner in power with her king. During that time, the humanity experienced enormous progress in arts, spirituality, and other avenues as their rulership was balanced in feminine and masculine energies.

The return of the Feminine, is not about women ruling society as that would create imbalance. This Aquarian age is about the return to nature, and ying/yang united – both hemispheres of the brain working in balance, higher consciousness. Wherever polarities exist, we have an opportunity to raise collective consciousness and find a higher perspective. As Michelle Obama said: “When they go LOW, we go HIGH!”

So what’s next?

Many of my goddess sisters are writing on this topic of how to show up and take action. Saida Mouradova wrote in her article: Biggest March in US History Led by Women:

This isn’t a moment in history. This is a movement, a march that has been quietly brewing for millenia. Just how much we change the world and how quickly we begin to see changes depends on us and our own desire to do something. Nobody else is responsible for our future. Not your government, not some organization, we ourselves. This is the power of this Saturday’s protest, which showed that we’re awake, we’re not indifferent, we’re strong and our strength does not require violence. This is how you fight the system.

Here’s what you can do from here on  –

A law that should not be allowed to pass because it is against Your rights –

And here’s how free press will strike back –

As you take these political actions -> Resist, at these intense times, make sure to continue working on stabilizing your core ->Reconnect. It’s easy to get very excited and then burn yourself out.  So you need to continue doing the energetic and emotional work to ensure you are in balance in your mind, body, and spirit ->Rebalance & Regenerate.

  • Strengthen your spiritual practice (be it Yoga, Dance, etc).
  • Follow your intuitive feelings.
  • Get in touch with your family and friend as appropriate. Contact that person you’ve been meaning to speak to. Now more than ever it’s important to build your ties and your community of support.
  • Write down your dreams and any other feelings that might come up during this cycle. Remember, we are also getting the Galactic Family energetic support and insights, especially during our sleep.
  • Allow yourself once in awhile to turn off the news and relax without bombardment of information.
  • Take a salt bath.
  • Wake up in the morning setting an intention and action for the day.

Be the Change you want to see in World!

All Photos by Dina Divine 

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