Dancing Through Chaos


When life seems bleak, the mind attempts to rationalize and analyze to no avail. Nothing in this world makes sense. The more you think, the deeper you fall into a vortex of chaos and confusion. This scenario has no room for sanity or optimism.

What can we do in those gripping moments of madness? Surrender. I invite you to embrace this darkness and take it for a dance.

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One of the oldest and elemental forms of religious expression, dance facilitates emotional release and connects us to our soul. Dance reveals an ancient wisdom that vibrates deep within us, underneath the flesh, beneath the tissues; it courses through our veins. Moving prayer integrates the physical and spirit body into a beautiful communion with Source. The universal language of dance breaks all barriers and boundaries, as we all move to the beat of our hearts with shared abandon.

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Dance surpasses the vocabulary of reason, yet it makes complete sense. Dance is primal and sexual, creating awareness of being alive. Dance reminds us that we have purpose, that we are purpose. Dance stimulates our respiratory system and increases blood circulation. Endorphins pulse through our body in orgasmic waves as the mind relaxes and spirit comes to life.  Our delicious breath invites ecstasy as the heart pumps faster, and pearls of sweat pour down our flesh. As each breath expands our heart center we open the doorway for more love, the very purpose of existence. Suddenly life begins to feel good. Life begins to make sense again.  

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Our body is a brilliant work of art and contains all the healing we require. One way to awaken this inner physician is to start with our breath and play with it. Fill yourself with a delicious inhale or two. With your exhale, drop the energy down through your neck and shoulders, through your arms, and let it pour into your heart. Sink your awareness into your belly, into your pelvis, and all the way through your fingertips and toes. Feel yourself expand as the chatter dissolves and releases through every cell. Rest your monkey mind and melt into the body’s magic. Celebrate life and the exquisite grace of the human body.

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Dance is my first language. It is the only time I can lose and find myself at once. Dance is my prayer and my gateway to divine. Dance helps me appreciate my body and fall in love with life. It marries my masculine and feminine energies. Dance allows me vulnerability and intimacy. I am uninhibited when I dance. Dance helps my body express how much I adore music.

Dance is freedom. Dance is joy. Dance is love.

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Shall we dance?


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“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” ~Martha Graham

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Jacqueline Shimmiezz

Jacqueline Shimmiezz immersed herself in the exploration of belly dance in 2004, and fell deeply in love with its sacred and transformative power. Music and dance have always been integral to her life, igniting her with strength, healing and connection. Interests in health and wellness inspired her to pursue nutrition studies at New York University, and led her to become a Registered Dietician. Jacqueline loves to perform and teach belly dance, and hopes to inspire healing, joy and creative expression in others. She can be seen shimmying throughout NYC, and has made television appearances on “Law and Order” and “Gossip Girl.” For bookings and information please visit www.danceyourdivine.com

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