Twin Flame Union Ceremony and Message for 11/11 Portal


Few months ago, I came back from the Nevada desert, Burning Man festival, and today I want to share this video from our ceremony. A year ago I wrote about our story: Reunion of the Twin Flames: The Fairy Tale is Real. It couldn’t be more timely to release the video now as the 11/11 Twin Flame Union Portal has opened. This energetic portal allows the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to merge into ONE. A portal of endings and new beginnings, Twin Flame Awakening and BALANCE. During this magical 11/11 Gateway, we will connect to our Starseed ancestry and our Soul’s timeless Akashic memory of Ascension to guide us HOME.

Love Ripple is our mission as Twin Flames to awake the global consciousness and assist in ascension for more twin flames to meet at this time on Earth.  Many can and will begin to reunite with their true sacred union as this portal truly allows the highest union to come together that is based on love – the true heart and soul connection, not simply physical or sexual but rooted in love. Seek higher if you are in a relationship that is giving you less than or is based in the lower chakras. Allow this energy to help that true partner connect in with you if you are choosing to allow space for that.  Ignite a candle at home and use the Twin Flame Invocation below to set your intention for reunion. When you are with this divine complement, we ascend to our highest state of being as they are a direct mirror of us and of immense support for us to continue to reach our highest potential. The unconditional love held in these special relationships also helps to transmute so much on Mother Earth and as we co-create within this love we send blessings upon blessings on to the earth and all that is connected to this planet. The universe wants this union for you all so please remember you are worthy of receiving this!

                                                                  Twin Flame Invocation:

In the name of the Christ Consciousness

I call to the blessed I AM Presence of our Twin Flames

Toward the sealing of our hearts as one

For the victory of our mission to humanity.

I invoke the Light of the Holy Spirit

For the consuming of all negative energies

Limiting the full expression of our Divine identity

And the fulfillment of our Divine plan.



Love & Light <3


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