This spoken word piece brings words, imagery & inspiration to the story of our times, offering a perspective into this unique juncture we presently face; the forming of a new cultural narrative & our global movement.

I hope it touches you. This is an offering as ALOKA off my recent album North Star.

May we all have strength, passion, fortitude, courage, commitment and faith for this next chapter of service to planetary awakening.

May the original instructions & the law of oneness spread across the lands unifying humanity as we return to the one world tree and sacred hoop of life.

We are all related. We are all connected.

I believe in the WE, Let’s do this…

Bless up!

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Alokananda is a pioneer of the ascension age offering his unique gifts and passions which embody a focus on heart centered living, grounding the mystical and supporting the process of self-mastery and planetary service. Known as a healer of healers, he serves as a guide to conscious creators, leaders and high achievers that are here to make a lasting positive impact on the planet. Alokananda is an emerging teacher and speaker on the subjects of Ascension, community building, holistic living, self-mastery, sacred relating, and integrative spirituality. With a foundation in Bio-energetics therapy, he has spent the last decade completely immersed in study, facilitation and apprenticing under Wisdom Keepers, Elders and Master Healers and Teachers in multiple lineages undergoing consistent tutelage since 2003. Alokananda is also a committed and evolving singer-songwriter and poet under his solo music project, collaborations and with his band Suns of the Earth. He is the co-founder of Planetary Solutions, and continues to support and assist the building of vibrant and empowered community as a visionary, connector and catalyst for multiple projects. Alokananda often travels to teach, speak, share music or facilitate trainings and sacred space for groups and individuals. He is based in Ojai & Maui.;;

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