Channeling the Phoenix: Transcending the 3 levels of Scorpio to Ignite Positive Change following the Elections


Staying centered and focused on gratitude and our desires for personal change is crucial at this moment. We are truly at a pinnacle point in history. One where we consciously and unconsciously CHOSE to arrive at. We were born to be alive at this moment, living exactly where we are, in these bodies, with these minds and our sparks of inspiration.

The aftermath of this election has stirred up a wide array of visceral feelings from anger to fear and hopelessness. Yet, it’s been in my experience that the brightest rays of hope are created in the darkest times. Trump being elected into office may have ignited the fire that we all needed to transmute our passionate feelings of frustration into action towards positive grassroots change. In fact, that’s what the astrological sign of Scorpio is all about. The sign that we’ve been in since October 22nd and will remain in until next Monday the 21st.

unnamedHarnessing and focusing Scorpio’s energy into courage, we can ignite peaceful change. Sometimes the mirrors that we attract—on a personal level and on a national and world level—show us shadow, the insecurities, fears and all the inner ugly that we actively try to keep locked away in our subconscious. But there’s so much deep medicine in the parts of our psyche that scare us. The shadow is really just untapped energy within that we’re often times afraid of but that holds some of our greatest sense of power. Transformed this can be the energy that catapults us forward towards positive change. And what better time for all of this to come up than during the season ruled by Scorpio?

Scorpio is Intense. Focused. Transformative. It’s the deepest and most intense of the water signs, fixed, and set in its beliefs. Both Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio. The planets of passionate action and deep transformation.

Scorpio is truly the epitome of death, transmutation and rebirth. Scorpio expresses itself in three different levels of consciousness, necessarily having to undergo some level of dismantlement and destruction (often times of an explosive nature) to be reborn into the next, more conscious state of awareness. It’s important to take a look at what levels of Scorpio energy we’re embodying because the way that we work with this energy is both a reflection of and our contribution to the collective.

Let’s explore the 3 Levels of Scorpio.

The Scorpion

The first, and lowest level of Scorpio has the natural inclination to fight back with aggression and anger; to inflict its mighty sting after it’s felt betrayed. It can be possessive, passionate…vengeful and jealous. Vindictive and calculating, focused on inflicting anger on others who’ve cause it pain.  We see the reflection of the Scorpion through riots, outbursts of anger, destructive forces focused on revenge, which only really hurt and separate the self, the other and the collective. The Scorpion is the knee jerk reaction. The Scorpion is hella pissed off and ready for a fight! And shouldn’t it be? It’s governed by Mars and Pluto!

We have to acknowledge that we all have a little bit of the lowest level of Scorpio in us because we’re seeing it reflected back to us by the collective. Yet by focusing this energy of total destruction, anger, passion and death ready to self-destruct and explode, we can achieve renewal, transformation and total rebirth of the next level…The Eagle.

The Eagle

The eagle soars in the sky, detached from the drama below, but is far from unengaged. The eagle is laser focused. It’s got its eye on the prize, only taking a step back to get the bird’s eye view. Rising above, seeing all things in perspective, disconnecting oneself from drama, the eagle sees all things from an un-entangled perspective. It is the active observer. It’s centering back into self, while maintaining a vision of the bigger picture. Identifying where it is most needed when the moment is right to swoop in and take action. Still supported by Mars and Pluto, the eagle channels its energy into razor focus to transform into…The Phoenix!

The Phoenix

Death. Destruction. Refinery by fire. Action from the ashes. The Phoenix is the highest vibration of Scorpio, harnessing and mobilizing the intensely calculated passions into positive actions. The Phoenix gathers energy from each stage of Scorpio, using all of its power and passion to self destruct the ego so it can step up into the its fullest power and work towards the greater collective. It uses its humanness and charged emotions as fuel for the fire to ignite change and catapult towards complete and total renewal. It’s the embodiment of transmutation. It’s the natural evolution of ourselves and of our future…IF we’re willing to step into the fire and let it burn away everything we no longer need.

In my opinion I see this as the antidote for a longstanding broken system. The medicine of the earth and of the nation to use this as fuel towards total rebirth and grassroots change. It’s the fuel–and the slap in the face–that, perhaps, we collectively needed, to wake up to what’s no longer working for the good of the whole. A system that desperately needs us to get all riled up, and passionate on dismantling it and creating something new in it’s place. This is where Scorpio has our back.

So, what level of Scorpio are you currently at? What level do you want to embody? What action can you take to level up and into your fullest power?

Well, that’s up to you. The choice is yours.

If you don’t know where to start you can ask yourself these questions:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you believe in?
  • What do you stand for?
  • What do you choose and wish to protect?
  • What new movement or progressive project can you create?
  • What positive cause can you back up?
  • Who can you help?
  • What organizations can you support who are already a step ahead of you?

By using this energy to assist an organization or movement that needs your help, you get to clear out the toxicity and stagnant lower level Scorpion energy. You can step out of the drama and heated cycles that aren’t progressing and plug into the mobilizing systems that are. With a little bit of perspective you can determine what areas most need your support.

Need help deciding on one? Let me suggest Standing Rock, the protection of our water and sacred land of the Sioux Nation. The pipeline, being backed mainly by banks and big corporations, would be covering scared lands in South Dakota and vital water sources across four states. The treaty to protect these lands was violated by our own government. By allowing the access pipeline to cover this territory, protections originally put into place by our government would be nullified that were put into place to protect sacred lands and indigenous people. Standing Rock needs your help and if you’ve got the passionate fuel in you, this is a great way to transmute that fire and support our country and inner nations in OUR nation that need you…like NOW.

To help out click here.

Feeling stuck in the Scorpion level?

Move your body. Dance, move it, ask for help if you feel it stuck in your body. It’s total normal to get angry, feel depressed and hopeless in the face of adversity but it’s important that we don’t let it get stuck or stagnate there. It becomes harder to move later on and just by dancing it out, you can move so much energy. Movement is GREAT therapy. Use it. Tap into the knowledge of your own body.


Ask for help! Positive groups like the City Wellness Collective have in house support ready and willing to help you move that energy. Call on your neighbors, introduce yourself and meet your neighbors. Build relationship. Bridge the gap. Get to know who they are, what they’re passionate about and what they believe it. It’s time to band together and support one another. And what better time to connect and share your heart in a positive way! Know that you’re not alone and your neighbor needs your attention, love and support just as much as you do! And in New York, there’s so much diversity. Chances are they’re feeling hurt and scared too! Give and receive hugs from friends and loved ones and get in touch with where you’re at, at whatever level of Scorpio you are. Because we’re all leveling up and we’re doing it together.


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Kristen Boyer

Kristen Boyer is a shamanic practitioner, writer, teacher, speaker and holistic psychologist. She fuses together creative arts therapy techniques, holistic counseling and psychology with traditional shamanic healing techniques. She is the author of Playing Karma: A Former Church Girl’s True Journey from Bondage to Enlightenment and the upcoming book Be Wholey You: How to Bounce Back from Any Challenging Life Experience (A layman’s guide to soul retrieval). She works in private practice in New York City, assisting clients in reclaiming their power from past traumas through ancient healing modalities like soul retrieval. To learn more, visit her at her website

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