Finally Feel at Home on Earth


I often hear:

What is my purpose?

Why am I really here?

When can I go home?

A total bewilderment for why we are here and why we exist is something we all share.

You, a person who is spiritually sensitive may remember more than most about life on the “other side. ” If you do remember just enough to feel the loss, you will want to help on Earth in some way.

But often these feelings of sorrow can lead to disillusionment, or lack of drive, because you may ask….what is the point anyway?Depression over this sort of thing is not abnormal. The awakened soul struggles with the challenges on earth today, and that’s ok.

It’s because you care, it’s because the unnecessary suffering and cruelty affects you sometimes. It should.

Being on Earth is an ongoing commitment. It takes strength. It takes death and rebirth, again and again.

So there are three things I notice that profoundly help with existential terror, and they all have to do with connecting:

  1. Grounding. Now, I hesitated to even write that word, because its lost its true meaning. But Earthing might be the more updated terms. This is literally harmonizing your body and energy field to deeply connect with Mother Earth. If you have birth trauma, which almost everyone has, it will be harder to do. If we haven’t been initiated into the loving grid of Earth at birth, we wont feel connected or like we have a reason for being here. But if we have, we wont question our purpose, we will just be happy to be alive.
  2. Connecting to your Higher Self and Guides. Could this be called Spiriting? This is keeping your connection to your Divine Self, so you don’t feel lost and alone, so you know where you came from. But most importantly, the alignment with your Divine Self allows your incarnation purpose to activate, especially when connected to the earth. Ideally, this is also set up right at birth. These first two are just so important for a human being to feel safe, connected and in their purpose.
  3. Connecting with others: If these first two things are in alignment, then it will be easy to do #3. Connecting with others and being in action in the world, letting your creativity and service flow into humanity. So, it’s not enough to do the first two things, to heal your existential woes, you must also be doing your work in the world, connecting with others deeply in the heart and being in community. This work is what bridges the heaven and earth experience into life.

Of course each of these steps requires its own book! But if you do these steps continuously and you deepen and learn from them, your sense of purpose, aliveness and connection will be tended to and thrive.

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CC Treadway

CC Treadway is a seeker of the deep mystery, and a lifelong student of the sacred healing arts. She is the founder of Treadway Esoteric Lightschool, a mystery school for the sacred artist to study esoteric knowledge, personal process and deepen their creative craft. As an energy healer and transformational teacher CC co-created the Chalice work, helping women who have gone through sexual, relational and emotional trauma recover their sexual life force and creative fire. She performs sacred music and teaches transformational workshops around the United States. CC maintains a private healing practice via phone/skype. Learn more about CC and work here:

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