What did 2015 bring that you are completely and totally proud of?


The usual focus when the year is ending and a new one is beginning, starts with a question like, “What are your resolutions for 2016?”

We all scrounge to figure out what we are going to work towards, “how will 2016 be better than 2015?”

We are always so eager to let go of the past year and start fresh; this is a pattern that consistently shows up. Most often we don’t commit to what we say we are going to do.

I am guilty of this too!

So instead of making promises for how this New Year is going to be better then the last, I suggest something different, let’s ask the question, “what did 2015 bring that you are completely and totally proud of?”

For me 2015 was a BIG ONE. There were many ups and downs uncertain moment along with moments full of love, I will say; it was definitely a year of growth for me.

The year started with a new apartment. One that I love so much, with big windows, natural light and a kitchen that makes me so happy!

It continued with an inspiring motivational conference in San Jose CA, led by Brendon Burchard, “High Performance Academy!” This conference I shared with my husband, it was a “life-changing experience!” The conference provided me with the motivation and tools that I needed to take some pretty huge steps. These steps that have guided me into breaking through some old patterns.

What’s a trip to the Bay Area without an adventure in Napa Valley, this might have been my favorite time I have ever shared with my love! The food was incredible, the wine was exceptional and the company was irreplaceable.

What happened next? I quit my job! That job was a great stepping-stone for what would come next but it didn’t make me happy. With a little push I started to talk with a professional, opening up is not an easy thing to do, my fears and emotions have led to a life of reacting. Reaching the root of what holds me back has been a true process.

elisaI scratched the surface in 2015 realizing it is time to deal with my abandonment, self-love, and rejection issues. All created by not having met my biological father, learning I have siblings I had never known, and being in past abusive, deceitful romantic relationships. I had created patterns my whole life that have kept me in a cloud of disappointment.

So here I am at the end of 2015, I now have a loving relationship with my siblings and my biological father, and I work on myself every single day to be a more trusting, loving, honest, compassionate partner to my husband.

Now I am a business owner of my 5 month old company, New View PR, where I am inspired to help other business owners reach their desired clients and audience, through Social Media and different press avenues.

Currently I am working for the Top Real Estate Agent in Fairfield County Connecticut, as her Social Media consultant. (She calls me her, “Social Media Maven!”)

I have watched my husband perform his music and elisa2share his story on three different stages this year. My favorite moment of 2015 was watching Charlie Scopoletti Music be honored, by the one hundred gala for Mass General Hospital. As a two-time cancer survivor and singer/songwriter he has the power to inspire, spread hope, and create positive change.

(An additional bonus was that Ted Baker on Fifth Avenue dressed us and we got to keep the clothes!)

Last but not least we had a Costa Rican adventure where we celebrated a very important birthday, Charlie’s 40th. We interacted with wild dolphins and were immersed in nature for 5 glorious days!

Along with all this greatness there were also complications, and the year was not perfect. There were lessons and struggles, but I am so grateful for what 2015 brought into my life and I would say that I am pretty proud of this past year.

With all of that said, I ask you now!!! What happened for you in 2015? “What are you most proud of?” “What makes your heart smile?”

Before we head into a New Year it is so important to reflect on what has come your way to make this New Year even possible!

Life is so big, and we can make promises and aspire for our resolutions. It is great to have visions of what you desire your life to look like, but lets remember to appreciate what got us to this very moment!

Maybe for 2016 we should just release all of the promises and resolutions and trust that we are supported through our life and the “magic” happen!

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