2015 Closing Message


Blessings everyone,

I hope this message finds you in high spirits as we begin to count down to 2016 together.

As we prepare to enter this next cycle, this new year, I feel the veils extremely thin. I feel the potency of how our resonance, ( the level in which we are vibrating at as it meets our core-self ) — is the single most determining factor in co-creating our reality at this potent juncture.

The phrase “Shaken to the Core”; came through as I started to share this closing message. This term may ring true for a lot of you, it certainly does for my own heart as I reflect on one of the most powerful and transformational years of my life. I acknowledge that there were definitely some intense periods that I experienced this year that my personality would have preferred to have unfolded in a different way, but my soul recognizes the gifts, the lessons and the blessings of these experiences. Sometimes when we’re in the thick of an experience it can be hard to see what gifts are coming as a result of the lesson, the break down, the break up or whatever challenge has arisen in our life. Perseverance is another word that permeates this sharing with you today. energyThat no matter who or what comes and goes, there you are, no matter the change in scenery, relationship, job, or whatever external factor; life is gifting us the opportunity to strengthen something internally, in our souls connection to our source and what our deeper needs, priorities and commitments are. Challenges truly are always gifts to help us commit even deeper to ourselves and our mission. Whatever you survived in 2015, I bow deeply to your soul for showing up at this time. May you strengthen with fortitude your intentions for this next year as they relate to the long-term vision your soul desires to create for your life and the world.

In this 2015 closing message I feel guided to inspire everyone to trust your body & your emotions even more. To find the courage to feel even if there are challenging ones to feel, trust their wisdom is inviting you to integrate something that is going to serve you in this coming year. There is an intelligence there that is beyond the mind and it is through feelings that we can access the core of our being. This is an invitation to prioritize your self care, grounding and self connection in 2016. The more connected you are to YOU the better you ascendwill be able to navigate, utilize and integrate the multi-dimensional energies that will be increasing. These higher frequencies are here to support a more active co-creation process with the divine than we’ve ever experienced yet. These higher frequencies are literally breaking up the denser held patterns, conditions and unclaimed emotions in our nervous systems. The held weight of incarnations, trauma and conditioning very often triggered through the perfect law of attraction and mirroring process of our lives.

I believe we are in a massive right of passage as a species and varying participants at different soul levels, by the nature of our own evolutionary journey and healing process are laying a foundation that will make it easier, more accessible and more supportive to the wave that follows and so forth and so forth. I bow to those who have walked before me, and those who have walked before them that leave a trail of love, light, wisdom and compassion for us to follow on our journey of “walking each other home”.

I like what my friend Samantha Sweetwater said the other day, “Community is the new buddha”.community I Love this. Can we prioritize deeper presence in relating, can we make the choice to evolve past our attachments to perspective, story or belief around one another in order to fully honor each other as the divine beings we all are? I bow deeply to the sacred WE. Like my brother and colleague Amateo shared with me yesterday “ People are either grabbing a brick to build the new earth, are throwing one at someone else, or they are doing nothing and talking about who’s building and throwing bricks”. Its time to build yo! Are you in???

In relating to whatever challenges have arisen or may arise, remember we are going through an evolutionary jump in consciousness and the gap between the mind and the heart is a big leap. Many old programs lifting, unraveling, many are facing their deeper darker shadows and most challenging / unlovable feelings at this time. Across the board this year Everyone I know on this grid, from mentors, to teachers, friends, colleagues and community have been going through a massive acceleration process. This is necessary in order to build something completely different, new and beyond anything any of us has ever known and yet divinely guided by the source of wisdom.

Whether you’re being confronted with some big challenges, you’re  in the middle of shedding your skin from 2015 or you’ve just made it through and out the other end of it and feeling stoked for what you’re creating —- I hope you found this message inspiring and supportive. The best is yet to come. Keep going. 2016 is the year of great expansion, purpose and fortitude. That we may individually and collectively rise in our heart space, gifts, passions and truly lift each other up.

star warsI also must add that with the release of the recent Star Wars sequel, I was so deeply move and added to my existing enthusiasm of witnessing the rise of the divine feminine in her power. This rise inspires me to show up in greater ways…
So a quick 2015 closing shout out to all my sisters, priestesses, warrior goddesses out there, I see you & I thank you!

May we walk in harmony.
May the force be with you! 😉

May you have the most incredible, inspiring, soul-activating, abundant and purpose-filled year yet.

Thanks you for exploring with me.


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