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This is my Love Letter to Free-Spirited Warrior, inspired by one and dedicated to the archetype of free-spirited men with big visions, and to independent empowered women who choose to love and receive them just as they are.

Many teachings presently indicate that we are in the times of re-connecting with our most authentic selves, re-evaluating everything in our lives, including deep-rooted beliefs about relationships. From my present state of ignorance I am here to share my take on the subject. Before I begin I want to apologize if what I say is not for you. My intent is not to change or convince anyone, have you break your marriage or lead you astray onto a path of wondering the space of many hearts. I speak only for myself.

I hear many people, men and women discussing the subject of “new way of relating” in numerous groups and gatherings, all saying the same thing exactly. Is it just because we are in New York? Or at The Burning Man, perhaps? Is it because we are in the metaphysical Sedona, California, Colorado, Oregon, Hawaii? Is it the new way of thinking or the famous “new paradigm”?

Let’s start from the beginning.  As a person who considers herself relatively awake, I’m well-aware that “my reality” is what I know and create and that I can only hold my own end of everything, all relationships included. So, what feels good to me in this present day and time? Let me evaluate.

Not all of us came to Earth to make more people. I always knew I wasn’t the one for that, I admit, accept and appreciate this fact. So, taking that in consideration consciously, subconsciously and instinctually I do not really “need” a man to assure survival of my own or of my off-springs.

I am not in fear, so I do not need the illusion of “security”. I am not in lack, so I do not feel that if one man walks away I cannot find another. I am aware that profound learning comes from relating to others and also from relationships that don’t “work out”. I know that unless both people are growing together in relative alignment, when the shared learning is over, the partners often move on to open space for the next level of growth. I am comfortable with that.

I am not in loneliness as I have discovered first hand that what I used to seek through human Love exists deeply within my own Soul. What we get to experience during the most blissful moments with another is but a glimpse compared to what we experience through re-connecting to the Divine  and to our own multidimensional nature. It is exactly that which we long for throughout our lifetimes, restlessly seeking due to the ancient remembrance of our Souls. Yet more often than not we are led to believe that another human being can fill that gap, but the truth is: they cannot.

Where I presently stand I’m high on life. I am awake, independent, empowered and happy. I discovered my mission and am living it every day.  I’ve never been happier in my life so far. Am I content? Indeed. Do I feel complete? Yes I do. So, what is it that I still want from a relationship then? Here is what feels really good to my Heart.

I see myself as an excited explorer hungry for every adventure in life: both shared and solo. I know shared experiences often bring unseen potentials to the areas where solo is limited simply due to the nature of things. In full raw honesty I bring my partner all of my exuberantly complex multidimensional self: my journey, my vision, my knowledge, my passion, my path. I share every secret corner of my mind, every crease of my open Heart, every erotic craving of the body; and yes, lots of learning, exploring, expanding and growing too. Move closer now, let’s make it a little more personal.

Dear Free-Spirited Warrior, I can see your eyes burning with purpose and passion as I speak only to you: strong, beautiful archetype echoing throughout the Planet in so many minds and faces. You are not alone in your quest for life’s mission and intense love that spells freedom. There are thousands of us and the numbers are growing. I adore you, respect you, support you. From the bottom of my open Heart, Dear Warrior, here is my Love letter to you.

Yes, I know you. The minute we meet we recognize the ancient connection of our immortal Souls stretched over centuries of incarnations. And in this lifetime we are drawn to each-other again… We sense that the great learning is about to unfold. This feels amazing and I invite you in.unity

Give me your passion, your inspiration, your mission, life path on fire! Live it, burn with it, want it! Inspire me with your vision, your presence, you life! Take your time, take your space, take your energy, seek and travel: I will not be in your way. ‘Cause I’ve got my own creative hunger burning in my chest and that needs its own time and space and energy too. And I will take plenty, all while the slow and steady stream of admiration for your vision and magnificence flows constantly within the depth of my Soul ignited by you.

Keep every bit of spaced-out, tired, busy company. Take care of your life, your calls, your errands on your own time, but when you come to me – bring your full presence, your intense, passionate attention! Burn a hole in my Soul with your eyes, burn my lips with your kisses, burn my Heart with your desire for this unique shared space of Love – with me! Hear me. Feel me. See me. Here. Now. Present.

Keep all of the needy, empty “friendship” that screams loneliness. Give me a true complete, content friend who’s got my back at all times and is loyal to me in his Heart. The warrior who does not need me to be weak and “save” me just to stroke his ego. Give me a true fun friend who laughs and plays and learns and grows with me. The one who knows me, shares my vision and can recognize the fire that burns within my Soul. The one who sees me in all my strength, in all my weakness, in all my passion, in all my bare raw humanness: a true friend comfortable and in love with it all.

Keep the wondering eye and give me your loyalty: body, mind and soul. Just because you feel and fully understand the profundity of what sharing energy with another does to us both. Just because within the depth of your noble warrior Heart you want to keep our shared space sacred and pure. And because nothing is missing when you are fully-present there yourself.

Keep the small talk and “how was your day-s” over bored and tired every day dinners. Show up when you can’t stay away any longer and give me adventure! Bring your visions, your dreams, your inspired ideas, your honest plans, your craziest thoughts! Don’t worry about “hurting my feelings”, I can handle my feelings, give me your truth! Give me creative disagreements, shared “aha” moments and conversations that go on till dawn; mixed in within the merging of our bodies and hearts and energies again and again till we black out together from all of the richness of this satisfying Love.

Keep every bit of sex on schedule after brushing teeth and getting ready for bed. Bring me the real and the raw. Take me like a storm right as you walk in, daylight, kitchen, neighbors, floor… Later bring me slowly to where I’m comfortable and give me all the time you’ve got. Hold that space of intense pleasure till the physical turns into non-physical. Show me my Soul leaving my body floating right into Heaven, find me there with yours, feel our ancient connection. Feel the Love like never before, the complete unity, the oneness of your Soul with everything; feel the Source…

Be both the Masculine and the Divine for me! Be my living inspiration! Be the one I respect, admire, love, adore with all of my being, with all of my Heart. Stand in your full confidence, magnificence, freedom and glory. Be the Warrior and the Man and the Awakened God next to the Awakened Goddess.

I am not in fear, so I do not need you to lose your freedom for my illusion of security. I am not in lack, so I do not feel that if you leave I cannot find another. You are not “the one”. We are the collective.  There are many of us: we incarnate together in Soul groups and our love is infinite. I am well aware that when our shared time is over, you might need to move on, opening space for my next level of growth. I am grateful for that. I accept that some connections are short and others last lifetimes. I am comfortable with all of it. You have my word.

Come in now and rock my world. Let’s focus on the present, we can’t possibly know what the future holds. Stay a while, stay as long as you want, stay awake. Let’s explore, experience, heal, evolve. Let’s share our DNA, our gifts, our love, let’s expand! This is what we are here for. Let’s be our best authentic selves in very moment. Let’s inspire others. Let’s find out how far we can go together.  Come on in now and give me all you’ve got.  And, Dear Warrior, I’ll never forget you.  I promise.

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Isabella Greene

Isabella A Greene is a Starseed, a Lightworker and a Wayshower. She serves as a Metaphysical Specialist, Coach and Teacher. Isabella’s work is multidimensional and extends beyond the limitations of 3D. She helps people to access the bigger picture of their journeys and embody true missions on Earth. You can find more about Isabella Greene at

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