The Importance of Getting It Out


Lately I am reminded of the importance of ‘getting it out’ – of sharing my own thoughts and feelings and of holding the space for others to do the same.

Sometimes we think that if we ignore what’s going on, it will go away on its own.  Actually it’s the opposite — whatever resists, persists.

At other times we feel the need to ‘fix’ it all.

What if we just need to UNEARTH it all though, to bring light to our thoughts and feelings in order to accept what IS and move forward?

What if it’s more of a dumping, and an emptying out, than a fixing?

I’ve been seeing this happen with my clients, friends, and with myself. In fact, I was feeling complete inertia until I sat down and free-form journaled all the thoughts that have been bouncing around in my noggin.

I didn’t search for answers to my quandaries. I just let it out.

And I was magically renewed in my inspiration the moment I wrote down that last thought that was swimming around inside my brain.

This distinction is so simple, yet it can be such a practice to remember and often so much internal resistance to actually doing it.

Thus far on my spiritual journey, I have encountered a long list of psychological and spiritual philosophies and practices that in their unique way, remind me to get it out:

Clever-Facebook-Status-22199-statusmind.comIn his Constancy Principle, Sigmund Freud theorized that the way to keep the mind in a state of peaceful zen (or ‘zero’ as he called it) is to expel all negative affect and thoughts.



In the Vipassana technique of meditation taught by the Buddha Gotama indksit600_1 Burma, energy that is built up in the body gets released when it is observed internally. As a result, these old reactions (called Sankaras) rise to the surface to dissolve.


imagesLandmark Education provides courses to teach human beings how to gain internal awareness and express themselves authentically in order to complete unresolved issues through the power of language and communication.





In Access Consciousness Bars™, a non-invasive energy-work technique of touching points on the head to remove old and unconscious energy, we create the space to function on a new level of awareness.



In 5 Rhythms Dance Meditation, we powerfully empty the energy out of our bodies on the dance floor through our own unique movements.



While there may be lots of different flavors of spiritual ice cream to eat, the main ingredient is the same in each recipe: Holding your thoughts and feelings in will only block you from the resolution you seek.

So let it out and let it go, in whatever way is true to you!

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Keri Sender

Keri Sender-Receiver was a traditional talk therapist for survivors of trauma until she learned Access Consciouseness Bars™, a powerful energy-work technique that completely transformed her life. Now, she combines therapy techniques with energy healing to help others get unstuck and clear past emotional and energetic blocks in order to live a life of clarity, possibility and joy. She facilitates sessions via Skype & in person. You can schedule a Complimentary 30-minute "Get More of YOU" Consultation Call with Keri by clicking here: Find out more about Keri's work at her website:

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