How to have the most FUN Mercury Retrograde ever!


“What?  You’re kidding?  What’s so fun about the iPhone in the toilet and a mad mess of missed appointments?”

keep-calm-mercury-is-in-retrogradeWell, yes, we can fall prey to Mercury’s mischief during the messenger’s retrograde romps if we insist on galloping forward toward the culturally created goals of efficiency and accomplishment – the “get it done, cross it off the list” mindset that’s the daily M.O. for many of us.  This linear, one-track mode comes at a huge creative cost: like a racehorse wearing blinders so the only direction visible is AHEAD, we miss out on brilliant possibilities popping up beside us, around us, behind us.  Lucky for us there’s a cosmically created respite, a built-in “reset and restore” mechanism in the form of the tri-annual Mercury retrograde!

With Mercury traversing his home terrain of cosmically curious Gemini this time, we’re invited to jump through the  rabbit-hole of “reality” into a magical maze of possibilities.  Mars, the passionate planet of action joins the adventure as well, adding extra excitement and energy into the mix.  Hold on to your hats, “Category 5 Brainstorms” can brew up at a moment’s notice!  Neptune in mystical Pisces squares Mercury and Mars during most of this retrograde, insisting we integrate the “bigger picture” perspective into our mental landscape, even though we may not have the faintest idea what that’s supposed to look like:)  Both Mercury and Neptune are whispering in their very different voices:  “Wait, there’s more… how do you know if you never explore!”retro

I’d like to share with you some fun ideas and tools to play with, so you can truly ENJOY these quirky three weeks and return from this adventure with a rich harvest of creative insights and a sparkling smile on your face:


  • Embrace DISTRACTION as a Divine Interruption and a Creative Redirection! Blog_work-distractions-making-us-dumberYes, extremely heretical… but, with manic Mars and mischievous Mercury both running around in Gemini, most of us contract temporary ADHD.  Might as well not fight it:)  What if the sudden call from a long-lost friend that derailed your train of thought gives you precisely the clue you need for your next step?  Openness and flexibility are genuine gifts of Gemini! (by the way, I’ve gotten distracted a million times already while writing this article…YouTube, Harry Potter books, etc, etc:)


  • curiousGet CURIOUS about everything that lights you up. Allow yourself to follow the shiny sparks that call you in a new direction.  And, please, don’t force your mental meanders into the narrow tracks of “is this useful?”  (wait till Mercury enters meticulous Virgo in August to sort that out:)


  • Pay attention to details. And see if you can notice the whole Universe in a grain of sand! Neptune and Mercury – the vast, universal mind and the particular, local mind can become one in an instant, and when that happens (Whoa!), you’ve tapped into the magic of Being.


  • laughLighten up and LAUGH! Instead of cursing or moaning about the iPhone in the toilet, take a step back – see the absurdity of the moment, even if only for a moment:)  Silly sense of humor is one of the most endearing Gemini qualities!


  • Don’t believe everything you think:) Monkey mind is running rampant this month.  You can enjoy its playfully bizarre antics, but don’t put the little monkey in the driver’s seat!
  • “Everything is as it seems to be, nothing is as it seems to be” – repeat this 10 times whenever you find yourself frustrated with the lack of linear logic in your life. This quote is by Dain Heer, co-creator of Access Consciousness, one of the wildest sets of transformational tools out there (Dain is a Gemini, go figure!:)
  • Receive a session of Access BarsAccess barsa gentle form of energy healing that totally defrags your inner hard drive, deletes any nasty thought-viruses and leaves you blissfully relaxed, open and joyfully curious like a little kid again.


  • PB187716“Life is not a struggle, it’s a wiggle!” I got this message on a Fortune Cookie last week, and it’s been cheering me up ever since.  Especially effective when you try to act it out:))


Hope this helps you to enjoy the next three weeks!  I’m curious hear from you – any retrograde stories, especially instances where you discovered another dimension, another take on life, please share.







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