3 Secrets to Manifesting Miracles in Your Life


Have you ever experienced a lineup of synchronicities that were nothing short of miraculous?

But then it was gone and you didn’t know how to get back in the flow.

It’s like you were born with a built-in magic wand, but no manual was included. So you swing it unintentionally and get random results. At times your outcomes are pleasing, but other times they are disappointing.

Consequently, most people go through a lifetime, believing that they are at the mercy of fate or destiny.

When you step on a spiritual path, through years of trial and error you begin to master your creative skills and hone your ability to craft your life as a masterpiece.

My own discovery process of my power revealed 3 Secrets to Manifesting Miracles at Will, which I am excited to share with you. But before I reveal this sacred knowledge, I owe you a disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: Most life circumstances are beyond your conscious control, but…. YOU ARE in COMPLETE CONTROL of YOUR EXPERIENCES

You cannot control forces of nature, behaviors of other people, economic and political situations in the world and so on… At the same time, you have a degree of control of the circumstances that become a part of your experience. And you have ABSOLUTE CONTROL of how you respond to every occurrence, which determines the quality of your life.

Attempting to control anything outside of yourself is futile and skews your focus away from your real power.

SECRET # 1: Look Insidelook inside

Many of my clients are amazingly smart, kind, and spiritual people, dedicated to personal growth. Brilliant as they are, they get confused when consciously applying the Law of Attraction.

Their desires often sound like:

“I want more money and more time”

“I want a lover/life partner and happy relationships”

“I want to find my purpose”…

Can you relate?

It’s perfectly fine to wish for any-thing (mate, money, time, car, house, etc.) AND what stands behind these wishes is an experience. You anticipate that having money and time will allow you to enjoy life more: easily purchase what you want, travel, and do the things you like. These new opportunities and buying power would inspire feelings of freedom, security, and fun in you.

At the heart of your desire for money and time is the feeling of freedom and joy. If you were dreaming of romantic love, at the essence of your wish would be the yearning for connection and love.

What you truly want is not an external condition, it’s an internal experience.

So, the first secret to manifesting miracles at will is to withdraw your focus from an acquisition of an external object or status. Instead, look within for the essence of the experience you desire. Fairies of the Universe will bring you the circumstances to augment the experience you are focused upon.

SECRET #2: Enjoy the Rideride

In theory you know that the joy is in the journey. But when your desire is strong, and you’ve been longing for a long time, you want to skip the steps and get right to it. This is understandable and logical, because the more you want something, the more you are aware of its absence in your life. And this discrepancy becomes increasingly painful.

For instance, imagine this:

Your every wish comes true immediately. Whether you want an ice cream or an island, a lover or an empire – everything shows up in your life. Moreover, only the things that you consider good and beneficial manifest instantly. Anything displeasing evaporates at your will as well. No effort or action is required on your part – you simply want, and it is.

For how long will you have fun with this power? Don’t you think it might get boring after a while? It won’t be interesting or exciting anymore. In fact, this satisfaction of your every whim may annoy you.

Have you ever had an admirer who was a pleaser? Who acted like a devoted puppy wiggling at your every appearance, rushed to fulfill your demands, and agreed to everything? Didn’t his behavior grow old very soon?

The FUN is intended to be in the journey – in the process of be-coming. At first, you have to BE, and then the materialized entourage that supports your state of being will come.

Measure your results by the level of bliss you allow yourself to experience every step of the way.

Your joy is in the discovery of your own power, in pushing through the limits, and in every breath of inspiration along the way.

Of course, there are milestones and big victories to be celebrated. But the moments of greatest challenges are the ones that hold the greatest gifts:

  • When you run a long race, feel exhausted and about to give up, but find the second wind and keep going
  • When you rise above your own fear and make a courageous choice no matter how risky it seems
  • When you decide to trust your heart, even if all facts go against it

I invite you to relax into the process and fully indulge while moving through every inch of your path. It is my promise to you:

The moment you release the demand for the final outcome and take delight in the life that happens NOW, miracles start occurring.

SECRET #3: Welcome Blessingsblessings

Imagine you were hosting a party in your home. You’d send invitations to the people you want to see. Would you also send rejection letters to everyone else, who is not on your guest list, in order to make sure that they don’t show up? Seems ridiculous, right?

Most people relentlessly point at everything they disapprove in hopes to avoid or eradicate it. However, your attention to ANYTHING serves as an invitation to enter your life experience. When you emanate elimination signals to displeasing things, you open the door wider for them to come in.

The Universe sends invitations only. Direct your focus towards observations that delight you.

Increasing your capacity to see the beauty in the world is truly an art. It takes a powerful intent, conscious effort, and determination. This may be challenging and stir some fears rooted in popular opinions that contradict the laws of the Universe.

For example:

  • Most people are afraid to be selfish and believe that commiserating with others shows support and care.
  • It is common to think that deemphasizing a problem will lead to its escalation.
  • The idea of susceptibility to external factors and the need for protection is also wide-spread.

The truth is every challenge is meant to be a defining point and a launching pad for your next destination.

Create a welcoming environment for miracles to occur:

  1. Revel in consistent appreciation
  2. Give extra attention to the things, people, and circumstances you like
  3. Relentlessly look for opportunities to praise yourself and others

Treat your life like an online store: add to your shopping cart only the desirable items. When life delivers your package, you are likely to enjoy it.

~Dr. Sky Blossoms

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  1. Great post! Thank you! Not sure how to master this “looking inside”… is difficult at times

  2. I have been practicing this all week and I can’t begin to tell you the difference it has made! This is definitely where I was stuck! Thank you Sky!

  3. Sky – this is such an uplifting article to remind us of how much we only want to focus, think, talk only about what we want and you say everything so to the point… like who wants a puppy sheepish boyfriend and not sending reject letters to the unwanted guests…. I would have never put it that way,,, but now I’ll point my friends to this article because your reminders and the way you put things are AWESOME! Peace, Love, Prosperity, Kindness, Understanding & Abundance to you all!

    • Dr. Sky Blossoms

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Your support is greatly appreciated!
      I am so glad the the article spoke to you – it came as a divine inspiration 🙂

  4. Anatoly Valushkin on

    This is a genius explanation of the Law of Attraction. Love the analogy of sending notes to people who are not invited… just brilliant. Thank you, Dr. Sky!

  5. I have made my 2016 a new beginning with my daughter when my husband found a building that was in our budget and perfect for both of our business in shareing office space.

    Thank you for this article on the law of attraction.