What the bleep is happening now?

I felt absolutely compelled to write it all down – to bring some degree of clarity for so many lost, confused, disoriented souls/beings ( a.k.a people/humans/earthlings) out there in need of this information.
So without any further ado, let’s begin.
Many people nowadays are going through enormous transformations, shifts, realizations, personal turmoil, dramas, sense of loss of identity and everything/everyone else.
Many people, especially those along spiritual, self growth, Conscious evolution path – are particularly impacted (and for a good reason too – will explain later why ).
Having no or very little knowledge regarding unfolding processes and the way to go about them –  makes it harder, sometimes quite unbearable to withstand all life throws at us (a feeling familiar to so many of us).
And it’s exactly what this article is for – to clarify and make things a bit easier. For simplicity sake I am going to keep the explanation of the processes below fairly short ( without getting into too many details – not to overwhelm you and just enough to get the point across).
New Energies:
 4-whatmakestheSince 2009 and even a bit earlier we are receiving new type of energies showering our entire solar system including the Earth due to the cycling phase of our solar system around Central Sun and the Greater Central Sun. The climax of us fully entering these new energies fell on, so well known to many of you, day – no other than December 21, 2012, thus heralding the dawn of the Age of Aquarius/the Golden Age and leaving behind the Kali Yuga/the Dark Age (terms, I am sure, well familiar to many of you – but now all coming together into one piece ).
What it really means that we are entering a phase of far more intense/high vibrational energy of 4th and 5th dimension corresponding to energies of Unconditional Love. Since it is the natural order of things and is cycled in nature – everything on Earth is now adjusting to newly received energies. In other words here’s what the Universe is saying to us and our way of living – “Change or be gone from here!!!” Simple as that.
Since new, loving and very high vibrational energies are coming through – each and every one of us needs to change accordingly to be able to adjust, change, integrate  and then stay in them at all the times – thus assisting others to do the same.
 Human-soul_Humanity-HealingHuge number of souls including you, reading this, incarnated here on Earth at this time to be able to undergo all the changes, shifts in Consciousness, awakening and working through large number of karmic lessons we failed to learn and realize before. The intensity of the energies, the magnitude of what’s happening and the opportunities it brings forth for each soul to evolve, realize, heal, release, advance and shift is enormous.
And that is why so many souls are here and even larger number of souls yearning to come through and incarnate – to be able to benefit from everything current state of affairs offers us.
So here’s the thing – we, as people, as humans (even the more advanced among us ) keep making the same mistakes over and over again – by looking and perceiving ourselves as such (which we are not) as opposed to perceiving ourselves as a soul and Divine Consciousness that we truly are.
Once this perception is shifted and you start looking at each and every person, situation, event in your life from the soul perception – it all suddenly starts making total sense and falls into places.
See, we always been incarnating as souls – to learn, to grow, to evolve and shift Consciously. We failed to do that way too many times to remember and the sum of all our past and this life time actions, thoughts, lifetimes has brought us to this very moment here and now.
10982222_10155144289430570_6312101994291988258_nAnd here you are – lost, confused, angry, frustrated,  powerless, depressed, blaming, afraid, ready to give up – keep looking up to heavens asking: “Why, oh why?! Why me! Why have you forsaken me?!” (or something along those lines ).
So here it is – no one has forsaken you!!! Why you??!! Why, the hell not???!!! You’ve acquired certain karma before and it is time to pay the bills (after all – nothing is for free and karma IS a bitch 😉 )
Why now? Why it’s so intense?! Because it is the best possible time to heal lifetimes of failing to get where your soul wanted to be, because time and time again you kept forgetting who you truly are, what you came here for. Instead you got busy “living” – which was only taking you farther away from what you came here to learn/realize/ accomplish – thus perpetuating the karmic wheel.
So your soul has quite literally begged to be incarnated THIS TIME AROUND knowing well in advance of ALL the learning, releasing, forgiving, growth, healing, realization opportunities so generously afforded within this very unique time frame.
We, as humans, as people, as these identifying ourselves with form/body and ego have totally forgotten all of it and now we are baffled, confused, angry, depressed and totally lost as for what is going on in our lives and why.
So this article is an attempt to remind you – SNAP OUT OF IT! You are NOT a human, a body let alone an ego or a mental chatter in your head! YOU ARE NONE OF ABOVE!
You ARE, however, at least on some level – on other levels you are not even that, a soul that has come here to experience, to learn its lessons, to pay the debts, to evolve Conparadigmshiftearthsciously and most definitely NOT to get caught up in the same Cosmic game (Lila in Sanskrit ) that was the very reason for your continuous circle of incarnation in the first place.
This time around you’re here to rise above the same patterns that made you come back and learn the same lessons over and over again. This time around – you’re given all the assistance and the tools to finally awaken to pure Consciousness that you are and continue your journey forward in awakened/Conscious state.
To do so, your very soul (the true YOU)/your Higher Self ( and no one else but it/you ) has carefully planned, orchestrated and now executing step by step all the situations, events, people to ASSIST YOU/YOUR SOUL in remembering, learning, realizing, shifting, awakening and transcending what YOU believe is to what TRULY is.
It takes so much planning and effort on Universe’s/soul’s end to get the lesson across to us in the most appropriate moment – just so our human, preconditioned, ego based self will fail to recognize it as such and reject it altogether along with the its bearer (the messenger).
And all it takes is to ask one simple question: ”What does this experience teach me/my soul?
That is THE ONLY question you should be asking yourself?! For it is ALWAYS about you and you alone and NEVER about anyone else. “They” is just a mirror to your soul – reflecting back at you…you, allowing you to grow, as a result of it!!!
So current combination of intense energies illuminating the darkest corners of our souls along with the karmic lessons we all face – is why we are experiencing things the way they are and it is why the true shift is possible this time around.
That is exactly why so many of us get this feeling: “When it’s going to end, why it’s so hard, why it’s so NOT just and so on?!”
The answer lies in the fact that the time or reckoning, making amends and finally shifting to a whole different vibrational/Conscious level has come. And it is now!!!
Why it’s so tough, intense and a lot?! Because we accumulated life times of unresolved issues, karmic debts, things to work through, unlearned lessons and energies to be released and healed. It took lifetimes to accumulate it and you are surprised why for the past few months/years you feel like hell? I mean….c’mon, really? Few months/few years vs. lifetimes? Think again!
And now that everything is so specifically designed to assist and facilitate this very process – the soul charges ahead. The soul knows of the significance of this time now and says to itself – I’m gonna take a full advantage of this ride while it lasts.
Shift-in-ConsciousnessPlease do not get baffled why things keep happening they way they are, why it is not easy, why people around you are the way they are in general and specifically towards you? For the answer is very easy – contracts, plans and decisions were made by your own soul to go through these very situations/circumstances/events – for they help your soul/you to evolve/shift Consciously/awaken in the most efficient and fastest way possible.

Every  event, every situation, every person is there to mirror something back at you – something that IS ALREADY in/within you and if it’s not for their kind gesture (no matter how unkind sometimes it perceived by us to be) you would never know that you have certain unresolved issues/energies/karmic debts to pay. Instead of accepting the lesson with humility and gratitude –  we react, resent and point fingers. And if you ARE going to do that – then you might as well point fingers towards yourself. 

We are constantly looking for external teachings, teachers, gurus to show us the way, to tell us what to do, how and why. We are willing to listen to them and adhere to their guidance. But we fail to recognize the guru within and the guru on the outside – which IS every situation, every person and the Divine working through them. 

Also it is BECAUSE your soul expressed consent to be incarnated here this time around and to go through the transformation and the clearing process – it seems as if there is no end to it. Trust me, you guys, there IS subject to how fast you can learn to accept with humility and gratitude ALL life throws at you!!! But no one said it’s going to be easy to undo what has been done through lifetimes of ignorance and unconsciousness. 

See all the people now are undergoing similar processes – the only difference is the level of Consciousness/Awareness through which you perceive each and every situation. 

The higher it is the easier it is for you to see it as a soul lesson/as a stepping stone and move past it – thus stopping the karmic lesson from recurring. 

So those of you who feel stuck, lost, ready to give up – I ask you to awaken from a long lasting dream and look past earthly illusions from the Higher Conscious/soul perspective.

So just to sum it all up: current energies assist our souls in total transformation and awakening.  To do so – you will be provided with the most appropriate, for this task people, situations, circumstances. Everything that is no longer corresponding with new energies and/or prevent your soul from growing – has to be removed and cleared.

So next time you face difficult people, choices, situations – stop for a moment and ask yourself these two questions

1. What is it within me that attracted this person/situation to my life?

2. What it’s there to teach me?

Once you start posing correct questions you’d start getting the correct answers followed by permanent situation shift.

For more questions about this article, more insights on what is going particularly with you or to embark a beautiful soul journey – please contact me directly. I’d love to help. 


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Edward Tarashchansky – is a New York based guide/teacher helping people to transform themselves and every aspect of their life through profound Spiritual and Conscious shift. He offers a unique opportunity to awaken and help one re establish the lost connection to themselves and the Universe. In addition to offered world wide private work, Edward also runs few spiritual groups and organizes meditations/workshops/events/lectures in NY and beyond. You can reach Edward at conscioushealing777@yahoo.com to book an appointment or join his meditation circles.


  1. Absolutely amazing article! Very well written and in very simple & easy words. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom wirh everyone. Best of love and light.

  2. I suddenly have strange energy pockets/vortexes in 3 areas, between my couch & coffee table, where I use a pendulum. Difficult to verbalize, but suffice it to say, it’s a scary situation. When in any of these zones, my pendulum begins to very gracefully, very fluidly “dance” by itself. It jumps super high in the air & swings so hard that I get frightened. I initially used the pendulum to communicate w/an very positive entity, half pendulum, half telepathically. Yesterday, I decided to throw it away outside. For the hell of it, today I took my necklace & tried it & immediately the energy pockets/zones were there & so was a relatively new, obnoxious entity who refuses to leave & who is now blocking my highly spiritual, loving entity. What am I dealing with?!!!

  3. I’m feeling a lot of peace and love and harmony for everyone and everything. Im seeing and feeling energy more so now than I have my whole life.It’s been since I was a young girl I could see energy and hear energy,however now it’s feeling like I’m being bombarded with this high ringing and energy thrumming through my whole body from top to bottom.I’m certain at times I can hear angelic or heavenly voices like a choir of thousands singing together.I’m not afraid nor disturbed ,I’ve been consistently dubbed weird /odd my whole life and I’m happy to be different because something amazing is happening and it will forever change space and time in which we dwell.love and peace to all!