25 Strange “Symptoms” People Are Experiencing Worldwide


Many people from all walks of life have been reaching out to me with questions and complaints about strange “symptoms” they’ve been experiencing on and off, sometimes feeling like they are “losing their minds”. The “symptoms” usually go on for a couple of weeks at a time and then subside, re-occurring again in correlation with cosmic and solar activity and people’s individual readiness to move to the next level.

Solar_Eclipse1March of 2015 has been exceptional in that regard with the weeks of March 4th and March 16th being especially potent… Massive energetic adjustments are taking place globally; Planet Earth is going through a shift. Intensified solar activity is influencing magnetic field of the Earth and of every one of us individually. We had New Moon and total Solar Eclipse on the day of Spring Equinox March 20th a cosmic event which in itself is strong enough to trigger reactions in people sensitive to energy.

Below is the list of “symptoms” I myself and majority of my friends and clients have been and are presently experiencing, many reporting exact same phenomenon.

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  1. Sugar/chocolate cravings.

Personally I hardly ever get these as I do not have much of a sweet tooth, it was rather odd to have such nearly overpowering “need” for chocolate and sweets that came and went in waves.

  1. Unfamiliar eating patterns

Loss of appetite, sudden quickly passing cravings and inability to figure out what you want to eat. Cravings for lighter high-vibrational raw foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, being turned off by the smell and even the thought of any meat and fish products. I am not a vegetarian and I normally know exactly what it is I want to eat, so experiencing this was rather strange.

  1. Weird sleep patterns, strong need for extra sleep and naps

Passing out and waking up at strange hours, needing extra-long sleep time, needing naps, none of which I usually do.

  1. Pressure, pain, swirling and drilling sensations around solar plexus area
  1. Pressure, swirling and drilling sensations around the head

Especially around the third eye and on top of the brain underneath the scull, as if something is working directly on the brain, all of the above resulting in headaches.

  1. Headaches

Headaches occurring after the “drilling” sensations and passing when I drop resistance and meditate on embracing and integrating the upgrades

  1. Hearing strange sounds

People are reporting hearing the same kind of buzzing “metallic/mechanical” yet somehow really pleasant “otherworldly” sounds and also a hum that reminds them of “sounds of the spheres”.

  1. Heightened sensitivity and awareness of everything around

Remember that movie “Lucy”? Something between 20% and 28%

  1. Intensified senses, especially the sense of smell

My sense of smell became so strong during night time hours that all of a sudden with my eyes closed I can smell every object in my room

  1. Technology malfunctions when you come near it or touch it

Lights flickering, Internet going out, cell phone shutting down or dropping calls, computer crashing, etc. My cell phone showed time as “3:11AM Jan 6” when it was 8:11AM March 16.

  1. Awareness of the waves that technology produces

I normally don’t feel those so clearly, but one night I forgot to turn off my cell phone and when I woke up to do my meditation, although I wasn’t consciously aware of my phone being on, I vividly felt the waves in the room and their interference with my entering meditative state.

  1. Being out of focus as if being inside a movie, especially during motion

Sensation like being inside a movie and watching the road and everything around you “on screen” while walking or driving

  1. Body out of coordination, loss of balance

Normally I’m pretty well-coordinated, been tripping over everything during that time

  1. Quickly passing constant waves of intense conflicting and overlapping emotions

Do I want to laugh, cry, jump with joy or be upset about something all at the same time all day long?! And what is it I am actually feeling anyway?! This one has been especially uncomfortable for people.

  1. Enhanced ADD-like symptoms

Officially I don’t have ADD but for about a week it felt like I did. This translated into inability to focus on one subject, an avalanche of thoughts flooding my mind all at the same time, pulling my attention in a million different directions all at once.

  1. Interruption of the flow

Inability to focus or decide on what you want to do. Normally I know EXACTLY what I want to do and what feels right at every given moment. In this case it’s like your inner “GPS” is confused.

  1. Strange, unfamiliar sensations in the body

Body becoming aware of something it didn’t know nor felt before. I’m still translating this one.

  1. Extra-fast healing of the body

Cuts, bruises, allergies, hives, etc. – all disappearing at incredible speed. What used to take a week to heal now takes about a day, bruises fading away almost instantly, cuts closing up, cold symptoms barely-noticeable and passing in a day or two.

  1. Sudden waves of chills, goose-bumps
  1. Heightened synchronicities
  1. Instant manifesting of thoughts into “reality”                                                  

It is being shown to us that now more than ever before the Universe is listening to every word we are saying, every emotion we are experiencing, and turning all of it into near-instant manifestations. The stories of manifestations – both “good” and “bad” – I hear from my clients and friends and am observing in my own life are really “out there” at this time.

  1. Intensified visuals in meditations

My meditative practice has become exceptionally rich with visuals, presence and multi-dimensional awareness

  1. Time lapses and dilation, loss of sense of time

Being able to observe “in real life” how flexible time really is.

  1. Unmistakable awareness and “symptoms” of shifting timelines

This is a really “out there” one, so I’d save it for another article.

  1. Re-evaluation of your individual truth

We are in the time when everything that is out of alignment with our true selves is coming up for review so powerfully it can no longer be ignored. Many people are releasing their Karmic and emotional agreements, re-evaluating their beliefs and their choices in relationships, jobs, lives and moving out of what no longer serves them in this incarnation and in this NOW.

This is what I have gathered from people around me and have been experiencing myself. Having one or two or just a few of these symptoms can be easy on the system and might even go unnoticed, but if you are simultaneously experiencing all of the above (and possibly more) it sure could get overwhelming. Take a deep breath and remember that you are not going crazy and that you definitely are not alone in this!!!

Powerful energetic adjustments we are going through collectively as a species are triggering “strange” symptoms: your physical form, your every cell doing its best to cope with and to receive the upgrades, that’s all!

212925748Stay calm and curious, remain positive and also excited! Meditate to embrace the new energy and in your everyday life look for “proof” of your new “paranormal” abilities. Drink lots of water, get plenty of sleep, eat light high-vibrational foods, do not overeat, ground, exercise, do yoga, swim, sit with the fire, sunbathe and sungaze, rest and be kind to yourself! This phase is a part of our planet’s (and thus our own) evolution and lots of positive changes are on the way! It will pass leaving you with new abilities, expanded awareness and lots of other amazing multidimensional gifts! Rejoice!!!

I hope this helps to calm your nerves and shed some light. If you feel you need personalized help or require more information go ahead and book a private session with me via my website. Please share with anyone who might benefit from this information.

Let the LOVE be with us!


Blessings & Love,
Isabella A. Greene



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Isabella A Greene is a Starseed, a Lightworker and a Wayshower. She serves as a Metaphysical Specialist, Coach and Teacher. Isabella’s work is multidimensional and extends beyond the limitations of 3D. She helps people to access the bigger picture of their journeys and embody true missions on Earth. You can find more about Isabella Greene at http://www.isabellagreene.com/


  1. I’ve been experiencing this since before my birthday 16 02. Crazy strange occurrences beyond what you state. I am so glad I am not the only one experiencing all this. It feels like a death and rebirth. Too unbelievable! Reality is what it is. When will it end? Or, does it ever?


    • No it doesn’t end. I think you just have to embrace it. The events transpiring with this mass awakening are something that can’t really be stopped I feel. Its the right time for it to happen to you. Just remember there are lots of us that are going through similar things. Most of my friends who are waking up have withdrawn into themselves a lot but that is a natural thing. When they want to contact me they do. Everything has to happen in its own time. Just let it happen and don’t fight it. You can’t fight the universe……Don’t worry what others think of you and don’t be worried about being alone because you aren’t. Lots of people I know don’t talk to me anymore because they just don’t understand what is happening. There is nothing you can do to convince them your experiences are real. You just have to let them go.

      • Bruce, thank you for that. I’ve felt like I’ve been in my own cocoon for a long time now – over a year actually. And I feel like I’ve lost friendships because of it. But maybe it’s just that this is where I need to be. Maybe I haven’t really lost anything. I just need to be by myself right now. But maybe I’m not as lonely as I sometimes feel.

  2. First time reading your post. Experiencing many of these symptoms myself. Recently have had message come through very strong. Opportunities have come to me and ready to go for it! Your post intrigued me, and i had to contact you. Thank you Donna, for posting this so i could read and respond.

    • Thank you so much for replying to the original post and to Isabella for putting this out there.. I am so happy that others are seeing the correlation and sharing the information as well. Please anyone who has an interest in this, feel free to contact me.. I welcome, feedback, questions or observations.

      After reading this information I had to post my input.. ALL of the symptoms you are relating and experiencing are part of the list of symptoms I have put together for Biological Earthquake Prediction. I am the Pioneer of that form of prediction and put together for the last 35+ years a list of symptoms and their meanings. I am not alone in this, nor am I unique the only unique thing I have done is put it all together. It began with a sound similar to over lapping fog horns that started in May 1976, the sounds now number 13 and have never stopped. My hearing has been tested down to 2-7 hertz and below.. this is below audible sound thresholds. The sounds go with general areas, the symptoms are more location specific… I found that each part of the body responds to general and specific geographical locations. The government studied me in 4 states with medical, scientific and government testing to confirm my sensitivity. I was Co Author and Co Investigator of Project Migraine the main symptom of ” bio sensitive’s” I am best known for my accurate predictions of the major eruption of Mt St Helens in 1980, 12 minutes off( plus all explosive and dome building eruptions)… then major eruption of Pinatubo, on June 15th 1991, I was 7 minutes off. Coalinga CA, 1983, 3 days lead time, Morgan Hill CA, 2 days lead time 1984, Mexico City 1985, 2 days lead time, Loma Prieta, CA 1989, 3 days, Landers CA 1992, 3 days, Northridge CA,1994, 3 days, Kobe Japan, 3 days 1995, Indonesia, 2004, 3 days lead time, Chile 2010, 3 days, and Japan 2011, 3 days… plus thousands of other events in the last 35 years. In recent years since 1998, I have been predicting solar flares, and other solar events, one to 2 days in advance as well. I have a FREE EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE where I share what I am feeling and what it means. You can sign up by emailing me or calling me anytime.;. my cell number is 503-999-5745 all I ask is that you do not repost my alerts to other lists and if you experience any symptom intensely or for a extended period of time, seek medical attention. I am not a doctor, I am a biological sensitive and can only relate what has happened to me in the past and what it likely means now.
      You can Google what they coined for me in 1980 ” The Charlotte King Effect ”

      • Please can you add me to your Free Email Subscription Service? Thanks
        🙂 Grace

      • I wanted to thank Isabella Greene again for her most illuminating post. I had no idea when I signed up on this site how many potential sensitive’s are out there. I have rec’d email requests for my Free Biological Earthquake Forecasts Update and want to thank all of you who have contacted me. If you want to subscribe to my updates, you will have to email me or call me as I am unable to email you without your address to add you to my list. Both my phone number and my email address are in my first post. Looking forward to hearing from you.

        charking@viser.net 503-999-5745


        • Today just before 5 PM PDT there was a 7.7 quake in the region of New Ireland and New Britain PNG.. There has been a tsunami bulletin issued for the area of the quake, including PNG, AU, NZ, and the Solomon Islands. Before this quake hit, I and others experienced headache, and I was very uptight and moody, upset most of the day… last night I had hot garlic bread, an ice cream cone, and a baked potato all CARBS and SUGAR, then the pain in the L ribs hit and that is Oceania. I had a major invasion of ants this morning another indication that a major quake was going to strike within 12-24 hours and then I had a wave of vertigo about 4:40 and a 2nd wave about 5:20, that is when I went on line and saw the alert from USGS. I also had some chills, this is not a common symptom but is sometimes felt with some locations.
          I had sent an email out to one of the Tsunami Monitoring Centers and gave them 7 days lead time. I have rec’d several emails from new subscribers from this site confirming the symptoms. Thank you again

  3. Jason E Tuttle on

    Yeah you could say that I have experienced some definite alterations in my awareness of times flexibility, and senses being heightened. I also had a three hour conversation with another person who came to visit. Only we didn’t use our mouths and still heard every word loud and clear. I have been able to see things that are hundreds of miles away with clarity. In places I have never been and tell someone else that there was something buried in the ground there, only to be told yeah how did you know that. They buried a box there when they were a kid. This is not a person I knew for a long time, certainly not their child hood. I have witnessed amazing acts of Psychic magnetism. I have seen things in my sleep, when I sleep. I have adhd,insomnia and ocd. I am on medications for depression and adhd and insomnia. I did some searching online and discovered my Theta waves are likely increased in large amounts on top of the astrological time clock getting wound. I can tell a persons aura like I’m turning on a light switch. I can also tell a persons intent and emotional status like they told me everything anyone ever did to them. Taste,smell,and vision, oh vision. I can see the waves of energy in the air all the time. I can actually sense disruptions in my friends lives from miles and miles away and have even lost a few due to my blunt force honesty about what I see in them. They don’t like when I can sense or feel or see what they thought was a secret. I have been asked to not look into the future because they don’t want to know what is going to happen. I have been right on the money every single time. I wish this was not the case as some things are not nice to see. There is a lot of evil in the world and I can feel it. I have always been open minded and spiritually aware of energies and what is possible for us to accomplish. However until lately this has not been such a prevalent presence of the evidence of these things all at one time. I know that many people do not believe in it, but I cannot repute it. My life just got turned inside out. I went to prison , found my spiritual balance again, was divorced and lost my house and business. Now I live alone, and enrolled myself in college, I talk to the ex as I told her I would always be a friend. I am aware of my emotional balance in a way I have never been able to do. I could not get a emotional response out of myself for years and years. Now I am a emotional basket case most days. I cry out of love when I feel it present, I shake out of fear, I feel darkness and pain when it is someone else. I am aware of the words that come out of my mouth and the damage they can cause. I get the sensations and urges to give words of comfort to others and to help correct energies that are out of balance. I wish this could of happened sooner because I would still be married and I would be holding my children right now. But I am clean, I am aware, and I am awakened. The Universe is an awesome place to live in. Blessed be ! Thanks for your time. Thank you for the post.

    • Jason E Tuttle, I loved everything you wrote, I could have kept reading all evening. I feel many of these things and had absolutely no idea what I am and have been experiencing. Thank you

  4. i have these sensations like for the last 2 years in my solar, heart, and throat chakras that almost feel like I am reading or cleansing but they feel awful like something terrible is going to happen. Anxiety, yes but don’t know when it will be over……it physically hurts my chest and throat sometimes but in the last three weeks these sensations have everyday. Past lives? Purifying? Need some insight. Thanks

  5. I would like to receive any newsletters etc. that you may send out. I just read your newsletter “25 strange symptoms people are experiencing. I have had things happen in my life over the past 5yrs (“supernaturally “) that turned my world upside-down. It’s nice to know there are others out there that can I can relate to and answer still unanswered mysteries. Thank you, Lisa Berry

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been feelng slightly ‘Insane’ lately. I am not blessed enough to share my world with like minded people. I am restless and just feel a desperate need to fulfill a deeper Soul calling. I just cannot figure out what that is but my dissatisfaction in living in the ‘matrix’ is driving me into a state of deep depression and I feel intensely resentful towards not being wherever I am neant to be yet I don’t know where that is. Emotional roller coaster continuously. Just yesterday, I could hear the earth talking, crying, I listened to this in silence, until questioned by a friend and when I told her she looked at me like I needed psychological help. I have a desperate need to grow, to seek more, to feel all that I feel. Any help, any guidance would be immensely appreciated.

    • Most of the people I know who are going through this awakening go through some rough patches. You feel like you are so out of place and don’t belong here any more. You can’t identify with any of what I call the “stupidity of this reality”. I hear you on that one. I feel the same. I am so utterly and totally bored out of my brains. I just laugh at everything as much as I can. Once you know this reality is just another experience and not the be all and end all of existence you are looking at things in a way other people can’t understand. All I can say is just ride it out. Awakened souls are bringing high vibration energy into this reality and that means you are too. You are helping in ways you don’t understand. I was told a long time ago the human brain cannot really understand what is going on. All we can do is be patient and work on keeping our vibes high. Meditation is the key to keeping your sanity. The information will come in time. Just know that it will. There are so many of us like this right now. You are not alone. In time everyone learns to walk in their own power. That means regardless of anything going around you nothing will bring you down, you are confident in your knowledge and sense of self. I was pretty self conscious in the beginning but gave up caring what others think of me and my abilities and knowledge. Now I just blurt out anything haha. Pretty funny sometimes but when you speak the truth with conviction people start to take note. Keep up the good work!!!!!

    • Laureen Hurula on

      Wow, Marlene you summed me up in a nutshell! Restless, frustrated, hi hopes for more, a feeling that I am maybe not where I belong. I am a pretty down to earth person..not moody or over-emotional but have been up and down lately. So Thank You!

    • …I went to health food store today in a state of mind as its been described already in posts ..I finished and outside across the street saw huge old tree cut down …I can not understand by the state of it ( it seemed healthy ) why somebody jn city made such decision so i felt the need to share ..I returned to the store and as I spoke about my concern ,lady behind the counter looked at me as if i really dropped out of a blue sky ,mentioning that roots probably went underneath the road or similar …I realized that she will not engage herself any longer so I once more stepped out looking at the fallen tree with grief …..and thought : well trees were here first ..than come people …they can remove the house instead or the road …Mr. Spock would say humans are highly illogical …I am just so very tired of stumbling through my days ….wishing to go Home …and where is that and how ?

  7. Yeah, I experience all of it. Went to the Doctor and they said I was in perfect health. Everything is fluid now, changing from day to day. It’s quite a ride and somedays I’m just hanging on. Better times ahead…

  8. You think those things are crazy……I can detect energy. By this I don’t mean the new age wow man I love your energy kind of stuff. I mean actual real energy. (i realize that is a bit of a dickish thing to say but its hard to emphasize to people what I am actually talking about when they have no frame of reference to understand) When I walk around I can sense patches of energy and know if the energy is positive, negative, or neutral. I can transmute any negative energy just by walking into it. I can even get a sense of the types of emotions felt at the location that caused that change in the energy. I can detect energy vortex’s from quite some distance. I have what appears for all intents and purposes to be a kind of sonar for energy. I have even encountered beings within those portals/vortex’s. I can detect ships around me and can tell by the energy the intentions. I have also had contact with spirits who have been kind enough (sarcasm) to impose their emotions on me. Funny thing is as cool as all this is, and oh yeah I have also had various aliens around me and can feel the energy of aliens who appear human but are not. So as cool as all this is I think, what does it really matter anyway. I am still waiting for some practical use of this skill. Its fun though knowing who the impostors are down here…. I have had so many other things happen to me really I could write a book…..this all started about 3 years ago and doesn’t look like ending. meditation is the key to unlock psychic abilities. If you think you can’t do something you won’t do it; if you know you can, you will.

  9. I would be interested in talking privately with you as I have a unique take of vibrational energy worldwide you might be interested in.

  10. I’ve been having a hard time closing down my mind to rest. A lot of interference when I try to focus and meditate. I keep getting bombarded with people thoughts and emotions that I normally can shut out so I can relax myself to sleep. This has been going on for the past 3 months but really bad the past 2 weeks.
    Wearing a sleep mask that covers my upper head and face seems to help even when It’s completely dark in my room but if I take it off when I am asleep I have the most vivid dreams that wakes me up.

  11. Danny Golden on

    I just read this post and have been experiencing some of these symptoms since highschool. In the past six months has been worse. So glad i am not the only one.

  12. On the 20th of March a three day long burping eruption started for me! If felt like I would throw up if I didn’t burp, long, huge burps every few minutes. It was quite something. It has come and gone now, but it felt very strongly linked to the 2nd and 3rd chakras, clearing. I also have had the hardest time knowing what to eat. Nothing looks or sounds good. Losing track of time, big confusions, like I completely missed an appointment, but didn’t. Crazy times! But I feel things are picking up in momentum to actualize my dreams, so I am grateful.

  13. Been feeling all of these for the past 2 months. I especially think the sounds are interesting. Sometimes a metallic orblike sound that i’ve never heard before but is strangely familiar and comforting. I was having ringing ears a lot too and thought i might have an ear infection but now I get it!
    a lot is changing, i feel new and reborn.

    It’s nice for me to know these things are universal and transformative and happening with so many people instead of alienating or an actual medical problem. thanks!

  14. i have been experiencing more than half of the 25 listed plus more for about 3 yrs or more. been to doctors and therapists and am told there is nothing wrong with me. I began meditation and direct contact with Divine and angels who have helped me embrace the changes. I have an ability to sense energy as well and hear the pitching and buzzing of appliances .and any electrical powered items. uts quite irritating. also have high pitch and buzzing inside ears when here in oregon. had hearing test and my hearing is very good. recently went out of state and the buzzing and pitch stopped only to return when back home in oregon. i oftenhave an effect on technolgy products thatis frustrating. i can feel inner moods or thoughts of people and vehicles and buildings.realky began to think i was crazy and have lost many friends and family because they dont believe my expetiences and
    d get scared when they witness events i tell them are about to occur. I came to the i understanding that I am open and constantly wanting to learnmorw. I have s ooelf taught myself to rewire my brain thpugjts and

    • apprently the technology issues are showing again. anyway I embrace the shift and try to use the abilities to help othets and theplanets transform to new dimensions. nice to know thete are othets like myself with theseunique abilities. peace to us ll.

  15. This has been a challenging and life altering time for me. I’ve always been more comfortable and connected to my spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects of myself. I truly believe that God is directing me in my physical being right now. I’m listening, feeling and thoughtfully changing habits and old patterns to shift into a different physical being. I am certain that I will evolve into a more connected and complete person. Ps. Interested I the newsletter, thx.

  16. Yeah, these are all annoying but the time vortex and sleep stuff are the worst. I’ll sleep for hours and feel as though only minutes have passed. A really bad combo.
    Plus, I’ve had most of these, if not all, since I was about 12-13 years old. I’m 27 now and they just keep getting stronger.
    Also add in the feeling of moving when concentrating on a single point in space and extremely vivid daydreaming that occasionally comes true later on and your list should be rounded.out.

    • Samantha,
      I have been having the dream the night before and it happening the next day. This is very different from the re occuring dreams I’ve had all my life that end up coming true years later or lead me to someone I need to meet or a place where I need to go to recieve a message or download of sorts.
      Crazy things are tying in from my travels all over the world to books that I end up getting or needing for school. The synchronicity I get is intense and several times a day. especially when I’m at home in Sedona.

  17. I have been having similar instances and occurrences as many here. Not sure how to put into words yet, but there’s been a shift.

  18. This was a great read! I thought I was feeling off lately and reading through this, I identified with most of the “symptoms,” especially the sweet cravings, headaches (I NEVER get headaches), and feeling like I’m floating through my surroundings as if I’m in a movie. Oh, and the humming/whining noises. I hear them everywhere all of a sudden and no one else can. Glad I’m not the only one!

  19. re: 19. Sudden waves of chills, goose-bumps

    That is actually energy going through you. Learn to breath it in and use it. You can actually hold it in your hands and form it.

  20. I am someone who is advanced in many of these gifts yet am familiar through minimum experiences on the rest . etc..

  21. I too have been experiencing most of these things. Weird I thought I was restless, undisciplined, or drinking too much caffeine. It all makes sense now! I am tuning into the vibrational energy of the universe. I too can sense others energies and sometimes get sucked into negativity. I am glad that I am not alone.

  22. I Could not find how to maybe book an appointment with you. My WiFi doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with me on your site Lol.. Information on that is what I need. Thank You

  23. By strange interruption in flow synchronicities do you also mean people constantly almost running into me and also challenging me? Because that happens all the time,at least around where I live. Maybe it’s just bad juju around here like I originally thought…

    • Joe,
      The issue of people challenging you could be a type of test to see how you respond versus react. Love is a choice, even though you may not feel it. I live in Sedona and things are magnified and amplified there and that energy stays with me to keep me on my toes in good ways and ways to assist my growth. If you are comforatable or familiar with working with your Spirit guides, you can ask for assistance through messages, dreams etc. to get a better understanding as to why or what the lesson may be?
      All just ideas.
      Many blessings to you,
      You’re not alone

  24. Mine kicked off at the end of Jan this year. What an amazing year so far! I started dowsing which I am doing some amazing stuff with! I’m taking pictures of the energy around us. Its not meant to be a secret anymore! Scary at first, but I have a lot of people around me that are experiencing the same thing. Love, light and peace!


  26. I would like to understand better what is this (explanation) “(…) Massive energetic adjustments are taking place globally; Planet Earth is going through a shift.” What is this shift? energetic adjustments in wich way?
    My curiosity about that is because I never heard such a thing, I would like to understand better, why this happens, how often, why I just notice now, if it’s common… why we are not better aware of this (or is just me?).
    This month of march I experienced all this weirdness. As of my energy was completely drained.

  27. Thank you, this puts a bit of perspective on my emotions. Work has been scarce for me (I’m 57) so I’m presently a full time student at a community college. I set clear goals and am in my 3rd FT semester with 4.0 throughout, over the last month or so I’ve felt completely lost, questioning if my path is right yet I know it’s the only option for me. Feel so out of place it’s truly bizarre.

  28. I’m not sure where to start, so I’ll start with yesterday, yesterday I was at my wit’s end, I was so sad, weepy, I couldn’t get a grip on anything. I cried , but tears only came from one eye. I thought of dying, not suicide, just dying, that if death were to approach me, I’d not resist. Ah, but I had sent a mental message to a friend, one of the few people with whom I share my oddities. First he posted this article, I saved it because I was on my phone and I don’t like reading on the phone, my preference is my computer. So I texted him and said I’d read it when I got home, in the mean time, I’m still feeling some kind a way, not depressed,but eerie,and tired. Then he called, he asked if I had read the article, I hadn’t, said I would later and get back to him, What I did next, change my mood, outlook and gosh made me smile, I turned on my phone and pulled up the article, I have and am experiencing more than these 25 things, while reading the feeling of despair left. for a year or so I’ve been hearing a humming noise, like the sound of a motor in a refrigerator, or maybe a transformer. It was so bad that one day I went from basement to the third looking to find this noise, I couldn’t, i stayed on the third floor, couldn’t believe that I could hear my deep freezer’s motor (which was in the basement) all the way upstairs, then one day we had a power outage, the hum was still there. Finally, I mentioned it to my doctor, hearing was tested, nothing, but the noise was still there, even when I slept in ear plugs! One day I called the same friend who sent me this article and said to him, ” I think I’m an alien,and something or someone is trying to make contact with me, I just had to get it off my chest! quite a few of things listed I’ve been aware of most of my life, but this past few years things have intensified. I have become a recluse, eliminated most of my friends, spend most of my free time down at the lake, all of a sudden I’m drawn to water and the parks! I expedience many different sensations in my body, mostly in the throat area, when I close my eyes, i see all sorts of images. I sometimes try to focus on the third eye area to see if I can control the images! I’m constantly seeing something darting out of the corner of my eyes, always when I’m in my living room feel as if someone, or something is watching me through the window, I’m constantly looking up at the window as if I’ll see some one or something!. so many things, too many to write about, but I tell you, but suffice to say, I am experiencing all of the above and more, thank you so very much for writing this, you saved my life!

  29. How many people are experiencing this? Is it everyone or just “chosen ones” that sounds funny I know but some people are coming up to me telling me I am radiating purple light (the highest vibration I believe in terms of the seven chakras) Life events happened and I quit my insurance sales job (good paying) with a desire to help others. I don’t know where the path will lead me but I have little interest in socializing or material things Please reach me with similar experiences. I feel crazy telling everyone about this but I feel like I have to…light and love Marylyn

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  31. I know there are logical explanations (Global Warming, Power Failures, or just Cheap Chinese Crap) but just lately I have been noticing what could be described as “Glitches in our Matrix”!

    This has to do with “time distortions”.

    Yes, family and friends along with myself have commented on how fast time is flying, but this is more than that, something I believe is going on with the “Time Consortium”.

    It feels as if time is being compressed, moving faster within the 24 hour cycle.

    I noticed it the last few days when all my low voltage digital light timers readjusted their off cycle from shutting down at 10:30pm to 12:00am.

    It was if time was being stretched like an elastic band and reset itself by snapping back.

    I have been noticing that the electric mechanical clocks and wound clocks in my house are losing time and need to be adjusted to the battery quartz clocks.

    Yesterday I observed Geese migrating south.
    No adverse winter weather has been occurring north so this behavior is a month or two earlier than normal.
    It was as if daylight hours are shrinking, setting off the Geese’s internal clocks, convincing them that Fall is here.

    I have been picking up fallen apples from our trees and dead leaves much earlier than past years.
    It is as if with the reduced Photosynthesis the trees are shutting down, dropping their fruit.
    Flowers in the planters have turned with discolored leaves and their flowers are stringy and stretching
    for light.
    Berries on the bushes have matured much earlier, fermenting on the bush, with many of the birds still here eating them and flying to their deaths into our windows with their drunken stupor.

    Maybe others have noticed similar “Glitches”?

  32. There is a feeling in the air like something is going to happen. It’s like reality is becoming less real. Time also seems to be acting strangely. It’s like being a animal backed into a corner ready to strike.

  33. I too am feeling these strange occurrences as though reality isn’t real, spoke to GPs and Psychs who just say its depression and give med, it feels much more than that, its almost an anticipation of something to happen. I had a really strange experience in January where I felt an overwhelming love and warmth and got to see a different viewpoint of reality, its was so profound, I am really suffering on a daily basis and struggle to concentrate most days.. The time dilation also had been apparent, I just want these feelings to go away

  34. Wow reading some of the comments I am shocked that I too am feeling this strange phenomenon, I had 15 years of everything just falling into place and then as of Mar/Apr 2015 everything has just gone absolutely crazy; I feel like I have lost connection to who I really was and I am just in this horrible monotonous being with little hope of the future, I cry most days and cannot seem to put my finger on what it is, I just want things to go back to how they were before.

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