The Healing Teachings of Bees


It’s close to midnight, the work day is over, kids are tucked in their beds and the house is quiet. I am in my workshop, boiling beeswax and herbs, getting molds ready for a fresh set of candles. Vivaldi is playing in the background, and the moon is peaking through pine branches into the window. Beeswax candlemaking is my playtime, passion, need, spiritual practice, path to medicine and well-being.


As I hold and smell fragrant chunks of beeswax, a ritual is happening. The smell takes me inside a temple-beehive, showing glimpses of the honeybees and their lifecycle, and is also letting me smell their life full of fragrant wisdom, hard work, and abundance. These life sustainers teach me about our world, interactions, mysteries and the grand design, and also about the importance of communities, service and responsibility, all of which is possible without politics, law or police. In parallel, another underflow is taking place, and the chunk of wax becomes a connection to the ancestors and bee priestesses, and to the medicine wisdom that cannot be verbalized, controlled, or manipulated, but only accepted humbly with love and gratitude. I say my thanks and pray for the people in need, as I watch the wax melt.


A lot is said and written about the wisdom of the beehive and the miraculous properties of pollen, royal jelly, beeswax and honey. Yet, many people still think of honey as just a sweetener, not realizing many medicinal benefits that bees have been graciously offering us for over 4,000 years of the recorded history.

All of the bees’ gifts represent complex and biodiverse substances that allow us to bring the diversity and variability of plant life and nature within our well-being, teaching us about the natural order of everything that surrounds us.


Beeswax used in candles and cosmetics acts as a great natural purifier. When a beeswax candle burns, it clears the air of dust, mold and chemical pollutants. That happens because beeswax produces negative ions when burning. These molecules relieve stress, boost energy and alertness levels, and also protect against airborne germs by attaching to positively charged ions that are holding other contaminants airborne. In this respect, beeswax also offers anti-allergenic benefits. Also it has the same effects when taken internally to bind to heavy metals when ingested, one interesting piece of history is that people made the original chewing gum by mixing beeswax honey with other saps.

When selecting a beeswax candle, look for those made out of 100% pure beeswax. Unfortunately, by law, a candle only needs to contain 51 percent beeswax to be labeled as a beeswax candle, so always ask the question.

Love, Light and Bee well.

~Olga Sher, Antinanco Candles~

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Olga Sher

Olga is a passionate supporter of Earth rights and sustainable communities. She has been actively involved in promoting and raising awareness about these topics through Antinanco Earth Arts School


  1. Burning Olga’s candles at night became a must for me. It creates such a cozy effect. Her creams on beewax basis are my obsession.

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