Introduction to the Subtle World


I want to start with a statement: I don’t claim this article as an absolute truth. This is my vision, my feelings and my understanding of the situation on the Planet right now.

We have the pleasure of living in such a unique time. On one hand it is hard because we are mostly afraid of the changes, on the other hand, it is the time of amazing opportunities and new possibilities. Our Planet is going through great changes. The energies that come to the Planet are different, of higher frequencies. It is going to help humanity to make its own changes, its own transformations. And it doesn’t matter if we want it or not, but the consciousness of the whole Planet is changing  and the human consciousness, following this process, is also shifting: slowly, in different ways but shifting. And in this process of raising consciousness there are no right or wrong steps as long as they aim in one direction – to enlightenment. The experience of each soul is so individual, so different that there are no similar paths and there can’t be. Even when people share the same event they come to different conclusions and get different experiences out of it.  Each soul is looking for different pieces of experienceburningman to complete its own picture of harmony.
So, as all of humanity is in the process of transformation, there is a big demand for those who can explain at least something about this unknown world. That is exactly what we have right now: there are a lot of different kinds of healers and teachers of old and proven techniques as well as other newer ones. And they all work, the question is – which one is yours, which is good for you? This is the confusing part. Because of this big demand there is a huge flow of information which is sometimes very contradictory. We are lost in this ocean of information and we don’t know what is right and what is wrong for us. Teachers, instructors and healers tell you many reasons, why you need to follow their steps or do their treatments. During the first steps, when you don’t really feel anything, it doesn’t really  matter what practice you choose, the only matter is an intention to raise the vibrations. And after a while you come to the stage where you start to feel or understand or know somehow what you want to learn, what you don’t need for now; where you need to go, what you need to avoid. So the first knowledge you need to develop in order to not get lost in the subtle planes is to connect to your higher aspects, to your higher self. This piece of you knows exactly why you came here and what you need to learn in your life, it brings you to the experience you need to have in order to raise your awareness. When you learn to listen to yourself, you will be able to feel what is right for you, what isn’t right. For example you will know, that  yoga, a very good practice with ancient roots, may be not right for you now. Maybe you will need it later, may be this is not your practice at all… And it doesn’t mean that yoga is bad, it only means that you don’t need it for now.
So, now we have the opportunity to welcome subtle energies into our lives. Yes, it can be scary, but only because it’s strange and unknown. Electricity was also strange and unknown at the time it was discovered but now it is used everywhere. The thing is that from the whole electromagnetic spectrum we know a very small part of it, only the range that we can measure and it is really small.
We simply don’t have the equipment to register other frequencies, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Sooner or later scientists will find a way to register energies with higher frequencies, they’ve already started. Nevertheless, so far the most responsive device for subtle energies is still the human kind.
So, in order to feel comfortable in the subtle world and not get lost we need to maintain a habit to listen to yourself, your higher self. And this skill is very tricky.  Often we take the voice of our ego as guidance instead of our higher self.  We can be confused very easily. Hence, the rule in this case is very simple: the more balanced we are, the clearer this voice/ connection is going to be. And again, there are a lot of ways to keep ourselves in balance and harmony. As for me, I prefer Sacred Geometry, because one of the most pure sources of information are Sacred geometrical objects. They contain primordial energies, our body recognizes those shapes and forms unconsciously on a molecular level. So the phrase be around Sacred geometrical objects and everything will happen by itself is not so far from the truth, when you do your first step in the subtle reality.
Photography by Dina Divine (Turetsky) 

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