Indigenous Wisdom: Everything is a Miracle


“There are only two ways to live your life. One as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

The concept of a miracle is something that the western mind has adopted in the modern world to associate to a spiritual phenomenon that occurs out of the norm. On my quest to understand this phenomenon as it is related to human consciousness and awakening, I found wisdom and derived lessons on how life can be perceived through faith in the indigenous way of life.

Few years ago, I was traveling in South America and visiting the indigenous shamans (in such tribes as Camsa, Cofan and Quechua), where I have been learning about the Amazonian plant medicine. People in Putumayo, Colombia use the medicine as a traditional way in order not so much to see hallucinations or visions, but as a way of tapping into subconscious mind to modify perception. In a ceremonial setting, the Indigenous shaman provides a drink that is prepared based on two plants that come from Amazon. The medicine has been brewed in Putumayo for thousands of years for healing the body and soul. This natural drink has chemical composition that releases certain elements such as DMT that allows the mind and pineal gland to be activated, thus allowing the person to confront his/her internal truth. In this altered state, the person is able to have an internal dialogue and cleanse of his/her ego, and as result get connected to his/her heart. Since most of the shamans take the medicine from very early childhood, they develop a strong connection to the spirit world and able to assist in person’s healing on more sublime realm.

The shamans in Putumayo say that health comes from internal wisdom as one is able to step out and analyze his/her own life, ask for forgiveness, and make improved differences going forward. As the plant medicine is such an integral part of the people’s lives in Putumayo whether they live in the jungle or town, it has been amazing to observe how simple their lives are, and yet they rejoice in this simplicity. In the end of February, I participated in a carnival in a town called Sibudoy. This carnival is a big festivity to celebrate the beginning of indigenous New Year. Everyone in town got dressed in the traditional clothes and took part in a parade using drums, harmonicas, special song and dance as a symbol of a new cycle.

Similarly, the plant medicine provides a way for a person to shed old skin and see the light in the darkness in order to celebrate a new perception of the daily reality.  In a new way of being connected to the soul, everything starts being illuminated. With such connection, one starts appreciating the Mother Nature, the food he/she consumes, and important relationships. The person becomes integrated with everything in his/her surroundings. This way, the psyche starts accepting life differently. It’s no longer shut down by the modern world of daily routine where worries and stresses added by other technological distractions fog the mind.

Tree of Ayahuasca, La Paya, Colombia
At this important time of human evolution, I suggest we should learn from the indigenous world. Each person is responsible to at least try to modify his/her perception whether with the Amazonian medicine or with other various available tools such as meditation, yoga, ecstatic dancing, etc.  Instead of acting through fear and superficiality, life should be accepted in more simple way and rejoiced as though everything is a miracle.
 With much love!

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