Healing Your Ancestors Through Your Voice


Have you been hiding your creative spark and divine essence by holding back and not speaking your truth for far too long?

What unique and special gifts and super abilities lie dormant in your being that are just waiting to be given permission to share with the entire planet?

What if we’re more fearful of our own potency than anything else?

Could accessing and sharing your authentic voice not only set you free but also raiser the energy of everyone around you to reset the entire reality of all beings?

We adorable humans are so entrained to squeeze ourselves and our gifts into a neat box of limitations that feels quite uncomfortable. As we grow and evolve, it becomes more and more uncomfortable suppressing our talents and who we are.

Our Ancestors were probably taught to be invisible their ancestors taught them that it was unsafe and even life threatening to be vulnerable and allow others to see, know and hear who and what you truly are.

What’s the value of being invisible vs being visible?

Bring up the awareness of these energies…..which one feels lighter in your body? Whatever feels light is always right and alot more Fun, rewarding and phemenal!!!!

Would you now be willing to trust your awareness all the time and come out of hiding?

This inherited program or family duplication pattern might have been true thousands of years ago so we wouldn’t be attacked or eaten by a tiger, but have not served or benefited us for far too long. We can now choose to let all of those old paradigms fall away so we can remember and come home to all of us fully energized, integrated and whole. We can make a different choice beginning now.

Inside of your DNA and original blueprint of creation are all of our powers, abilities, gifts and skills just waiting to be revealed and expressed.

What is your unique talent that brings you joy and makes life worth living that you’ve put aside, ignored, denied and refused to own? Whether it’s singing, dancing, writing, painting or story telling, can you now allow yourself to receive YOU?

Everything that won’t allow you to know, remember and fall in love with you again in this present moment…RICH!!!

Everything that being you is….Come back, own, honor and acknowledge all your beauty and wisdom right here and right now…RACE!!!

By releasing, clearing and letting go of all the heaviness and density that you’ve been storing in your body and system, the process of evolving and expanding into the unstoppable you can manifest with total ease.

I am super grateful for the transformational tools and processes that I can now teach others so everyone can get free and inspire each other that change is possible. What if it just required a willingness to take that leap of faith knowing you will always fall safely on your feet or be taught how to fly by your angels.

Even if your Ancestors and entire generational lineage didn’t have these tools of awareness, we can vibrationally commune with them during dream time or any time just by setting the intention to do so.

Some easy and effortless ways to connect with your ancestors through your voice can include singing their songs that they enjoyed singing, playing or listening to. My Mother and her Mother were both singers and really loved music and so do I. By playing their music, I can access the memories of those life experiences where we shared the joy of music, call them all back into the entirety of my being, and connect with them sending and receiving love, light and blessings. Although they never realized they had a choice to perform and share their voices with the world, I can make a different choice and by doing so, set them free. Whether I become a professional singer in this lifetime or I just choose to make a commitment to sing more often even as a hobby for the sheer joy of it, it doesn’t really matter. I know I don’t have to be invisible and even if it feels scary or uncomfortable to share my gifts, I will have it anyway because I am so worthy of being the vibration of JOY all the time no matter what is going on around me.

You can set a strong intention and say, “I now choose to allow my heart to sing and share my voice with all beings now”. You can choose to sing or express your creative spark just because it feels so good. This can be your spiritual practice to maintain and sustain your vibration and elevate your spirit whenever you’re feeling lost, confused or alone. Your ancestors are always available and present to receive you and your blessings.

Another way we can heal our ancestors is to speak with them, write letters to them and listen to their messages. You can light a candle and place a photo of them on the candle and just speak to them as naturally as if they were in the same room with you and wait for a sign that they are with you. Some people are clairaudient so they can telepathically hear voices from spirit while others can see, know or just feel the presence of their ancestors. There is no right or wrong way to connect. Please know they long to be remembered and honored as they are your soul family and soul group and have traveled with them for eons of time.

In this year of the age of Aquarius, we can be the wayshowers and pathfinders for others to come out of hiding and speak their voice as well. You have way more power than you could ever imagine possible and by speaking your truth and shining your soul light, you can give your ancestral families and all your families you’ve ever had the greatest gift of all…..the gift of YOU!

Please continue to let your light shine in each and every moment.

You are the creative spark of infinite consciousness.

Remember your divine birthright and spiritual inheritance to both speak from the heart and listen to the inspirational divine guidance from Spirit. Allow your masks and armor to fall away and let others see, feel, hear, know and find your light. The brighter your light shines, the easier it will be for others to find you.

For more information about accessing your true voice, you can visit this link and order the mp3 that you can listen to anytime including clearings, creations and a meditative healing activation that works even while you’re sleeping.

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