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In 2011, I have started to work on a photography series called “One Dream.” The idea was to capture photos while engaging the subjects in answering the question about what are their dreams.  I have taken the project on road while traveling around the world. So one cold day in February 2012, I ventured to Central Park with few pieces of paper and markers, and most importantly my camera and enthusiasm to capture the spirit of Valentines. The park was covered with a blanket of first snow.  This is how “Dream Love” photo project was born.

I started approaching couples I saw and asking them to participate. Most were eager to be part of the project. While I got my share of tourists from Text and even France, others were locals. The couples started out a bit shy, but quickly felt comfortable enough to express their love for each other in front of the camera. I left the park filled with beautiful love stories and photos to share to the world. Next, I headed to the Dream Love party.

These two really had fun with the shoot and got down and dirty:)


 This inspiring couple came from Paris and been together for 30 years



 These two love birds were very young and seemed like it was just their first date


Sana wrote down what he feels for Raza and she was very touched


This couple came from Texas and was not very ready for the cold, but love kept them warm


 Martin and Ira live in different states and this was their reconnection date. Love has brought them together despite the distance


 These two were on their first date as well, yet had a great chemistry and were excited to celebrate Valentines together



Some of the pictures of my friends taken at the Dream Love party.

It’s all about unconditional love after all. Spread the love!:) 





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