Awakening to Remember What We Came Here For…

I am writing this from the Sacred Valley in Peru. It’s clear for me especially from here that there is a transformation taking place upon Planet Earth right NOW. Actually, it’s an energetic shift in vibration happening throughout our entire Universe.
As I walk through these ancient lands, I feel the love and presence of our ancestors all around and within me. They are here. We are here. The ancient ones live through us. Gaia is calling out to me, to us, to our global family.
WE, as humans:: alive + embodied upon Gaia, Now, are given a precious opportunity. This opportunity is one of evolution. Transformation.
Humanity is the butterfly in the chrysalis, buried in perceived darkness, yet really just getting ready to spread its wings to soar into the light.
All ONE. All ONE. All ONE.
We are being called to leave our messy mind-space and to enter into the glowing, radiant, golden nectar of our hearts.
It is from the heart where we create all magic, all miracles, all true acts of the Divine flow through us when we Open our HEARTS.
We shall tune ever deeper to our ONE HEART vibration.
We will embody our very essence.
Listen to the heart, always. 
The mind is very stubborn. It wants to fight. To compare. To judge. To make wrong.
This is not the way to peace.
Peace comes through forgiveness. Through release of judgement. Of ourselves and others.
Peace comes through surrendering to exactly where we are RIGHT NOW, and taking the small baby steps needed in this moment.
I T   B E G I N S   :: W I T H I N ::
BREATHING is a great place to begin. Through our breath we can calm the mind and move our awareness into the heart space.
Pranayama has long been used in Indian traditions to still the mind and to enter into the space of samadhi— divine union.
This union takes place within our hearts.
We unite our heart with the heart of the Universe.
Call forth your deepest desires. Allowing the pure, raw, un-edited emotion of love and passion for your dreams to flow forth. It’s not wrong to feel. To have your heart call out so strongly that your mind goes blank. We don’t have to live in the confines of our minds.
Purity of heart. Purity of mind. Purity of presence.
Surrender it ALL !
YES! Through surrender we receive all the magic life has to offer us.
The Time is NOW.

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Evin Bliss Laurel

Evin Bliss Laurel is a lover, dancer, and spiritual warrior. Life Designer, Spiritual guide, and Writer; she sees herself as an infinite being, a soul embodied within a sacred vessel upon Planet Earth. She is passionate about cleansing, clearing, and releasing the programs we have held within. She believes that as we heal ourselves, we heal the world. As we remember who and what we truly are, we reclaim our eternal inner essence and can be born anew. Within the living library upon this Earth, all tools to healing can be found. She feels called to co-create a global crystalline grid work of sanctuaries upon Planet Earth for our galactic Earthen family. Holding space for healing, rejuvenation, and transformation, so we may live fully and embody our divine essence within. Feel free to reach out to her at

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